Is JPTS University Real or Fake | Legit or Scam

The Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) university is a young institute in Nigeria which was established a few years back. Since it is still a young education institute, it tends to raise several questions concerning the authenticity of the school. Some people still ask questions like: is JPTS University real or fake? Is it legit or a scam? Does JPTS University really exist or is it just a mirage?

All doubts concerning the new institute would be cleared in the course of this article. Keep reading.

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Is JPTS University Real?

Yes, the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) university is real. According to the JPTS official Facebook page, the university is fully accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), all accreditation details are online and not hidden. So, everyone can access and verify for him/herself.

The JPTS institute of Nigeria has branches in most states in Nigeria especially in Lagos and Abuja. It also offers causes and degree certificates like other tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Most of the causes last for 3 years, some last for two years, 12 months or even lesser time. At the end of your academic program, you’ll become a certified degree certificate holder.

The institution is geared towards providing online and offline education for students who are willing to participate in their programmes. Passing through the NUC accreditation, the JPTS University certificate also offers the same value which other universities in Nigeria can offer such as offering jobs within and outside Nigeria, holding a high political and social position in the country. Same degree can take you to NYSC just like it is done by other universities.

Admissions into the university open yearly for new students to be admitted. Before one is admitted, there are certain criteria which such a candidate must pass before being considered for admission.

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Where is JPTS University Located?

To buttress the authenticity of this institute, it is important to talk about the locations or headquarters.

 JPTS institute is located in Edo State. It also spreads across other States in the country such as Lagos, Abuja, Ebonyi State, Imo, Ekiti, etc.

Inability to locate the study centers makes some people doubt the reality of the school. To find a JPTS center close to you, search on Google to locate the nearest center.


Overall, JPTS university is legit and tends to run more of online study programmes. However, efforts are being made towards establishing more study centers across the country. Therefore, if you are looking forward to joining the JPTS family, go on to do so as you are being covered by the NUC.

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