Is JAMB Score Upgrade Real or Fake | Can I Upgrade my UTME Result?

I believe you have heard of JAMB result upgrade.You might have seen some websites advertising that they can do that for you at a certain rate. But, is JAMB score upgrade real or fake? Is it legit or a scam? In this article, we are going to examine what they really do and how they do it. Keep reading!

What is JAMB Score Upgrade?

JAMB score upgrade is a situation where one’s JAMB original result is changed and given a higher score. In other words, it is when the original JAMB score is being manipulated in order to increase the score. The whole objective behind this act is to stand a chance of gaining admission into the tertiary institution.

So many students may not perform well in JAMB and wish they had scored higher than they did knowing fully that admission is strictly on score. Some of them wish they never took the exam. Some wish that the exam be rewritten. Some Jambites have written JAMB several times and would not want to repeat such a process. It’s actually tiring to take JAMB for 3-4 years without being admitted. For these reasons, some find a way to manipulate their results. One of the things they do is to upgrade results.


Is JAMB Result Upgrade Legit or Scam?

JAMB score upgrade is a scam and does not work. Anyone who promises to upgrade your JAMB result is a scammer and has no good plans for you. The truth is that you will be scammed of your cash and you would not get any positive outcome. No individual, JAMB official, individual or group can change your result once it is uploaded or officially released. So, do not fall victim to scammers.

What exactly do they do on your UTME Result?

Anyone who promises to upgrade your UTME result, this is what he is going to do.

Firstly, he will get your result from the JAMB portal, use Microsoft powerpoint or any other application that can help them edit images perfectly. It would look like the original UTME result but with a different score. After the edition, an edited image of your UTME result is handed over to you to use.

The truth is that you can present the result to anyone and they would accept it as your real result. Meanwhile, it is different from what is on the JAMB portal. In other words, any result given to you by the result upgrader does not reflect what is on the JAMB portal which would cause you to lose your admission.

In some cases, you may not be admitted in the first place because your admission is based on what is on the JAMB portal.


How do I make my UTME Result Better After Scoring Low

There is no way out of a low UTME score. Sometimes, the way out is to change your course and possibly the institution and apply for another one which is likely to accept your low score.

Another option is for you to wait and write the upcoming JAMB exercise. You can also go for IJMB which does not require UTME results to be admitted. While you wait for the forthcoming JAMB year, prepare yourself better by following the recommended UTME topics and textbooks.

Conclusion: Is JAMB Score Upgrade Real or Fake

Anyone promising to upgrade your UTME score is a scammer! Avoid any person or website asking to pay some money to make your result better. Some websites take it upon themselves to advertise such fake activity and scam people. They call it cash out. Do not be scammed of your hard earned money.

Do well to share your thoughts or experience with us in the comment section. If you have once fallen victim to these people, share your experience below.

3 thoughts on “Is JAMB Score Upgrade Real or Fake | Can I Upgrade my UTME Result?”

  1. Hello, I was among those that wrote this recent JAMB, My scores was 176. And it was too low. So a friend of mine introduce one woman to me called Mrs Doris, She told me she was the one who helped her and her friend last time, So I called her and give a try, This woman really help me with my score upgrades, she upgraded it for me to 266 so I really want you to please help me appreciate this woman. she is indeed a God-fearing woman, so if you are in such problem I will advise you to contact her on this number…

    • Please can you share a picture of the original JAMB result and the upgraded result.

      Do not be deceived as it is not real. Results can be manipulated while the original result is still with JAMB. Go through the article once more. I explained how the upgrade is being done, then, you’ll understand it’s fake.

      For any institution/JAMB to successfully offer you admission, they must access the original JAMB/Post UTME results.

      Stay woke!

  2. If you want to upgrade your jamb score above 200 or you have any issues with your jamb please contact Mr Peter on… He has done it for me and he will do yours.


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