How to Pass JAMB 2024 and Score Above 300

How do I score high in JAMB? JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) is an exam written by scholars (people who are done with secondary school and have written Wace). JAMB is one of the important exam to write for anyone who is willing to further his/her education, that is going to the university.

As a matter of fact, it is the only gateway to gaining admission into a tertiary institution which means that you must write and pass JAMB if you want to attend university or College.

One thing you should note is that the more marks you score in JAMB the higher chances of gaining admission you have. For this reason, scoring high in JAMB becomes important.

Getting a high score in JAMB is not by magic. There are prices which you have to pay to and I believe that’s the reason you are here.

In this article, I will share tips in how to score very high in JAMB. Apply them consistently and see the outcome.


How to Score Above 300 in JAMB 2024?

  1. First, as a scholar, you should have a good WAEC results. Make sure you pass your compulsory subjects (English and mathematics) including other subjects related to your area of study. Though this does not have any direct effect on your JAMB, it is important to clear your WAEC papers to avoid anything which could make you ineligible for admission.
  2. Next is to under go a process called JAMB registration. As a scholar who is preparing for jamb, you must have fulfilled all the requirements needed. First is to get registered for UTME. The registration captures your details and also allows you upload the necessary documents and other details.
  3. Do not forget that JAMB comprises of 4 subjects of which English language is compulsory. Ensure you choose the most relevant subjects for your intending university course. One of the most important decisions during JAMB registration is selecting subjects which are relevant to your intending course of study. Once the wrong subjects are chosen, chances of gaining admission into your dream course and university is reduced. To help you avoid this, browse online and check the subject pairs which are needed for each course. Also meet educational consultants to ascertain such.
  4. Get past questions and answers for those subjects you are writing. As a JAMB candidate you need to get your past questions on the 4 different subject u chose on your JAMB/UTME form. Most persons do not understand the mystery of studying past questions and answers. First, the nature of questions to expect in your examination is revealed. Secondly, some questions which are in the past questions are repeated. Thirdly, you are exposed to the exam ethics which will guide you through the exercise.
  5. Everything boils down to reading your books. Reading which is one of the important and major concept for any one who is willing to pass jamb, must be ready to read and study consistently. One may read once and understand but anyone who reads more than once will surely get more understanding than knew who read it once.
  6. Follow JAMB syllabus. Syllabus gives you all the approved area of concentration and recommended textbooks and authors for you to read. This is simply a guideline to all the topics which you must read for your JAMB examination. Each of the subjects has its own topics (syllabus). Simply browse school isle to get these UTME topics for all subjects.
  7. Make sure to get to the examination centre on time in order to prevent rush. And so u would be a bit comfortable in the area. Environment has an effect on one’s all-round performance. For this reason, you need to be at the exam center on time so as to familiarize yourself with the place. Again, you have to be there on time so you don’t have to rush yourself for any reason. You do not have to to put your brain under pressure. It needs some relaxations to be able to perform in the exam hall.
  8. Adding a spiritual factor “God” is also
    necessary. Most people fail to recognize the power of the supernatural being. Do not forget Him as you need all the help you can get.
  9. There are some online apps, that are made
    specially for JAMB questions and practices. These apps are there to enable students know what JAMB looks like and also prepare for it. Some of the JAMB CBT apps are absolutely free while you have to pay a token on some of the apps before you’ll be able access the questions and answers.

Conclusion: Tips to Pass JAMB

Get ur materials, read and pray to God and uou have your high scores. JAMB results come out after 7 days of writing. Do well the apply the tips shared on this page.

Wish you success and a good result. If you have any question or inquiries, drop a comment below.

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