Best Mathematics Textbooks for WAEC and JAMB

So many students find mathematics very hard especially when it comes to advanced examination. In Nigeria and in West Africa, WAEC and JAMB has been one of the challenges faced by students.

Before you gain admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria, you must provide an O’level (SSCE) or A’level (GCE) result to show that you passed through the senior secondary school. Once you gain your O’level result, the next is to write JAMB and get ready for admission.

It’s unfortunate that most students suffer setbacks when it comes to mathematics in WAEC or in JAMB (for those whose courses require mathematics in JAMB).

However, the first approach to resolving this issue is by getting a reliable study material for mathematics. Some students fail maths not because they do not have the zeal to learn but that they do not understand the principles of mathematics.

Understanding comes first, from your study material, secondly from your tutor or teacher. Other things surrounding you are there to enhance your learning.

Now, what is the best mathematics study material (textbooks)?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not here to advertise any product or textbook as I’m not the author or Co author of any mathematics textbook, neither am I in affiliation with any of the authors which I’ll mention here nor have I met or spoken with any of them.

On this page, I will give you the list of best mathematics textbooks to use in preparation for your WAEC and JAMB mathematics examinations. I have used these textbooks and have seen how important they are to students. That is why I decided to create this helpful resource.


Which textbooks are the best for studying mathematics and why?

The list if books below are recommended mathematics textbooks which you need to get for better and fast understanding of mathematical principles.

#1. Hidden Facts in WAEC SSCE/JAMB by M.A Otumudia

Hidden Facts in WAEC SSCE/JAMB

The image you see above is the cover of the Hidden Facts textbook. It is also available in other subjects and examinations.

What makes Hidden fact one of the best textbooks for WAEC and JAMB?

1. It contains detailed lesson for each topic

None of the topics in the textbook is treated halfway. You will learn it from the elementary part of the topic to the advanced level. Full workings are shown as though you are thought in the classroom by a teacher.

Treating all the topics as contained in the syllabus is one of the most important things which a textbook should look forward to achieving.

2. Contains enough exercise and steps to solve them

Readers have enough exercises to solve and the answers to them.

One good thing about this textbook is that it does not show simple working and go on to give you more advanced exercises outside what you have learnt. At every level, you have examples and exercises to rehearse what you have studied.

3. It treated past questions

The major target of this textbook is to ensure that students gain enough knowledge before entering the exam hall. It also targets to impact students positively in learning. For the above reasons, it brings in and treats WAEC and JAMB mathematics past questions including past questions from other exams such as NABTEB, GCE, NECO, etc.

It does not only stop at solving those problems, it gives you similar questions for you to solve on your own which gives you the picture of what you should expect during examination.

Studying past questions is as important as writing the examination itself as it gives you clear picture of how your exams would look like.

Buy Hidden Facts in Mathematics

To purchase this textbook, they’re different ways to buy it. You can buy online, get from a friend or visit a physical bookshop. It is best to grab your own copy for reference purpose.

If you want to buy online, I recommend you buy from as it delivers at a cheaper rate. As at the time this post was published, the price of hidden Facts textbook is 4,600 Naira. On jumia, it is sold for 6,000.

You can also visit a nearby bookshop in your area to enquire of the price.

#2. Exam Focus Mathematics Textbook

Exam focus on mathematics

This is another brand of textbook which every student should lay hands on. Just like Hidden Facts, it goes into full details to reveal some facts which ordinarily would not have been noticed in a topic.

Having being written by professionals in mathematics, it discusses mathematics in full details, giving examples and detailed information about each mathematical principle.

It also treats WAEC, UTME and GCE past questions and answers in full details.

You can get a full copy of this book online, from a physical bookshop or you get from a friend.

On konga, Exam focus on mathematics costs is 2,750 Naira. You can check physical bookshop near you to enquire of the price.

Conclusion: Best Mathematics Textbooks for WAEC

One thing is to be taught and another is to have reliable resource for rehearsing what you have been taught.

Secondly, get any of these textbooks, follow the syllabus to cover all the topics.

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