NYFF 2023-2024: Empowering Nigerian Youth Leaders With Grants


  • The Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) announces its Young Leaders Development Funds 2023-2024, focusing on youth ecosystem enhancement in Nigeria. Open to individuals and organisations, the grant prioritizes Good Governance and resolving fundamental National questions. With categories like Small, Development, and Catalyst grants, participants can earn up to $50,000. Eligibility spans ages 15-35, organizational registration, and more. Apply by 30th September 2023.

Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) Young Leaders Development Fund

The Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) proudly announces the Young Leaders Development Funds for 2023-2024. A golden opportunity for young visionaries and established organisations alike, this fund seeks to invigorate the youth leadership ecosystem of Nigeria, reinforcing its foundations for the future.



📢 Programme NYFF Young Leaders Development Funds 2023-2024 ($50,000 grant)
🎯 Aim Strengthen, support, promote youth ecosystem building in Nigeria
📜 Thematic Areas Good Governance, National Questions (Peace, Equity, Values)
💰 Grants Small: $1,000 (60 individuals), Development: $10,000 (64 Orgs), Catalyst: $50,000 (6 Youth Hubs)
🙍 Individual Eligibility Aged 15-35, Track record, Experience in planning, Honesty, ID, 2 referees
🏢 Org Eligibility Registered, Physical address, Partnering openness, Track record, 2 referees, Specifics for Catalyst grant
🌟 Extra Note Leveraging Media, Art, Technology encouraged; Can apply as cluster
📅 Deadline 30th September 2023

An Introduction to the Grant

NYFF’s grant, structured around specific thematic areas, is designed to reflect the vital youth agenda established through the visioning sessions of the NYFF. These grants act as catalysts, allowing recipients to spearhead social change within their communities in alignment with these themes.

Thematic Areas of Focus

  1. Facilitate Good Governance: Proposals under this banner should strive for:
    • Encouraging Active Citizenship and Leadership Development.
    • Championing Policy Development, Advocacy, Executive and Legislative Reforms at National, State, and Local Government levels.
    • Enhancing Institutional Strengthening, Transparency, and Accountability.
  2. Resolve Fundamental National Questions: Here, the focus revolves around:
    • Peace Building initiatives.
    • Advocating for Equity, Social Inclusion, Cohesion, and Justice.
    • Inculcating National Values: Patriotism, Unity, and Empathy among Nigerian citizens.

It’s worth noting: Projects that artfully incorporate Media, Art, Entertainment, Creativity, and Technology in their approach are particularly encouraged. Collaborative ventures through clusters are also welcomed.

Grant Categories and Allocation

  • Small grant: $1,000 for 60 individual applicants.
  • Development Grant: $10,000 aimed at 64 organisations.
  • Catalyst Grant: A substantial $50,000 grant for 6 prominent Youth Hubs.

Who’s Eligible?

For Individuals

  • Young activists aged between 15-35, with a solid background in youth development initiatives.
  • Proficiency in strategic planning, project management, and execution.
  • Demonstrable experience in community or team-building, underscored by principles of integrity.
  • Must have a valid form of identification or be affiliated with a recognized institution.
  • Two credible referees are a requisite.

For Organisations

  • Registration with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria or a sanctioned local/state commission is mandatory.
  • Maintain a physical presence, a corporate bank account, and a transparent financial history.
  • Willingness to collaborate with fellow youth initiatives and the NYFF community.
  • A clear record of positive contributions and past achievements.
  • Provision of two reputable referees.
  • Catalyst Grant applicants need to fulfil additional criteria:
    • Be civic hubs championing youth-centred activities.
    • Display partnership capabilities across their geopolitical region.
    • Possess the means to offer support in capacity building and institutional strengthening to other entities.

How to Apply

The application journey entails:

  1. Pre-application: Answer preliminary questions.
  2. Proposal Submission: Draft a proposal not exceeding 3000 words, adhering to the provided guidelines:
    • Section A: Detail background, challenges, planned initiatives, and work scope.
    • Section B: Sketch out the Monitoring and Evaluation framework detailing expected project results.
    • Section C: Outline a meticulous project work plan, showcasing activities, timelines, and budget allocations.
  3. Submission of Identification Documents:
    • Individuals: NIN certificate or its equivalent.
    • Organisations: A compilation of documents like CAC registration, organisational records, certificates from past funders, and more in a singular PDF format.
  4. Referee Details: Furnish details, including Name, Affiliation, Contact Information, and Email.

Ready to shape the future? Apply Now.

For an in-depth look at the initiative, explore Young Leaders Development Funds.

Closing Date for Applications: 30th September 2023.

This is more than just a grant. It’s an opportunity to be at the forefront of change, guiding Nigeria towards a future that values its youth and recognizes their unparalleled potential. Join hands with NYFF and be a part of this transformative journey.

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