Mandela Washington Fellowship 2023 For Young African Leaders


  • The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders 2024 invites applications. Offering a fully-funded 6-week training at top U.S. institutions in Business, Civic Engagement, or Public Management, the Fellowship aims to empower 700 young leaders. Fellows will benefit from Leadership Institutes, networking summits, professional experiences, and reciprocal exchanges. Eligible candidates are aged 21-35 from specific African nations. Deadline: 12th September 2023.

Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

As the calendar turns to 2024, a significant occasion beckons for promising African leaders. The renowned Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders has formally announced its 2024 cycle, offering young African visionaries a chance to engage in comprehensive training in the United States.



🌍 Fellowship Name Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders 2024 (Fully-funded to the U.S.)
🎓 Training Subjects Business, Civic Engagement, Public Management
📅 Program Duration Summer of 2024; 6-week comprehensive executive-style program
📘 Key Components Leadership Institutes, Fellowship Summit, Professional Development Experiences, Reciprocal Exchanges
🌟 Alumni Opportunities Ongoing professional development, networking, collaboration opportunities
🎉 Benefits Leadership Institute participation, Summit, Networking, Skills enhancement, Alumni Network
📝 Eligibility Ages 21-35 (primarily 25-35), non-U.S. citizens/residents, J-1 visa eligibility, Proficient in English
📅 Deadline 12th September 2023

Overview of the Fellowship

The Mandela Washington Fellowship stands as a premier platform for young African leaders. For its 2024 cycle, the fellowship promises to host up to 700 emerging leaders during the American summer. This cohort will embark on a six-week executive programme in the domains of Business, Civic Engagement, or Public Management. This bespoke training, which takes place at eminent U.S. institutions, is meticulously designed to furnish the fellows with pivotal skills and to invigorate their leadership capacities.

Key Components of the Fellowship

Leadership Institutes

During their stay in the U.S., fellows will partake in Leadership Institutes lasting six weeks. These institutes, focusing on Business, Civic Engagement, or Public Management, are anchored by distinguished U.S. colleges and universities. Through these programmes, fellows are afforded a two-way learning experience – benefiting local American communities through sharing best practices.

Mandela Washington Fellowship Summit



Post the institutes, a summit serves as a melting pot for the fellows. Here, they foster connections with their contemporaries and network with U.S. luminaries from a range of sectors. This gathering lays the foundation for enduring collaboration between the United States and Africa.

Professional Development Experiences (PDEs)

A unique facet of this fellowship is the PDEs, where fellows can immerse themselves in real-world experiences with diverse organisations for up to six weeks. This can either be pursued post-summit during the fellowship or later as alumni.

Reciprocal Exchanges

In a bid to promote mutual growth, U.S. citizens are provided avenues to collaborate on projects with Fellowship Alumni in sub-Saharan Africa. Such symbiotic endeavours fuel enduring ties and mutual understanding.

Alumni Opportunities and Virtual Programming

The Fellowship’s commitment extends beyond the six-week programme. Alumni are continually nurtured through access to professional development, networking, and collaboration. Moreover, the Fellowship harnesses virtual programming to bolster leadership development and resource accessibility.

Exclusive Benefits of the Fellowship

By joining the Mandela Washington Fellowship, participants stand to:

  • Engage in a tailored Leadership Institute at a prestigious U.S. institution.
  • Navigate beyond their immediate work domains to diversify their expertise.
  • Connect with leading African youth at a dedicated summit.
  • Network with key figures from the U.S. Government, civil society, and the business world.
  • Elevate their professional journey with newfound skills and perspectives.
  • Integrate into a vast alumni network, fostering innovative problem-solving.

Who Can Apply?

The Mandela Washington Fellowship upholds an inclusive ethos, devoid of discrimination. It is tailored for young African leaders who:

  • Are between 25-35 years of age by the application deadline (though outstanding candidates aged 21-24 may also be considered).
  • Hold non-U.S. citizenship and aren’t U.S. permanent residents.
  • Qualify for a U.S. J-1 visa.
  • Aren’t affiliated (including immediate family) with U.S. Government entities.
  • Are proficient in English.
  • Are citizens and residents of specified African countries.
  • Haven’t previously been Mandela Washington Fellowship alumni.

Selection Criteria

Candidates will be evaluated based on:

  • Demonstrable leadership and achievements in various sectors.
  • Commitment to community service, volunteerism, or mentorship.
  • Ability to collaboratively work in diverse groups.
  • Effective communication and social skills.
  • A proactive and adaptable mindset.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in their chosen sector.
  • Intent to apply Fellowship learnings to benefit their communities in Africa.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply here.

For further details, please visit the official Mandela Washington Fellowship website.

Application Deadline: 12th September 2023.

This fellowship stands as a beacon for young African leaders. As Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” This could be the stepping stone to realizing your leadership dreams. Don’t miss out!

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