Muni University Cut Off Points 2023/2024 | Private and Government Students Uganda

For all applicants for admission into the Muni University, Uganda here is a full list of the Muni University Cut Off Points for all Courses like Medicine and Surgery, Law, Engineering, etc. This also contains the Cut Off points for the Screening.

Muni University Cut Off Points

Muni University is one of the public universities located in Arua, West Nile Region of Uganda. It was established in 2012 by the Uganda government to provide higher education to the people of West Nile and the entire country.

The Office of the Academic Registrar, Muni University, in turn, releases fresh cut-off points every academic year for Academic Programmes.

A Cut Off Point is a benchmark in which a student must meet in his/her PUJAB Examination so as to be considered for direct admission by the management of the institution he/she wishes to attend.

For details on muni university admission, courses, contacts and faculties, you can consult the chancellor

Muni University Cut Off Points for All Courses 2023/2024

Below is the cut off marks at Muni University for some faculties like Faculty of education, faculty of agriculture, etc.

PROGRAMME 2023/2024 2016/2017 2016/2017 2015/2016 2014/2015
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology   [ITM] 39.1 36.4 39.4 45.2 18.7
Bachelor of Information Systems [ISM] 41.1 39.2 40.6 45.8 20.8
Bachelor of Science with Education Biological [SMB] 36.9 32.2 37.6
Physical [SMP] 38.1 31.4 36.9
Bachelor of Nursing Science [NSM] ** 41.8 41.2



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How to calculate Cut-off Points

Muni University uses a straightforward formula to calculate cut off points. The formula is:

Cut off points = (weighted sum of best 4 subjects) + (1 point for the required subject)

Here, the best 4 subjects refer to the four subjects in which you scored the highest marks. The required subject is English Language, and it is mandatory for all courses.

Example of Calculating Cut Off Points

Let’s say that you have sat for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) exams and scored the following grades:

  • Physics: A
  • Mathematics: B
  • Economics: B
  • Chemistry: C
  • Biology: D
  • English: B

To calculate your cut off points for Muni University, you would select your best 4 subjects, which, in this case, are Physics, Mathematics, Economics, and English. You would then assign the following weights to each subject:

  • Physics: 3
  • Mathematics: 3
  • Economics: 3
  • English: 1

Admission Requirements at Muni University

Entry requirements for a Direct Entry Applicants (U.A.C.E) 

Eligible applicants should possess:
At least two principal passes at U.A.C.E Level obtained at the same sitting, with at
least (five passes) at U.C.E or its equivalent.

Entry requirements for a Diploma Holder Applicants

Eligible applicants should possess:
Holders of at least a Second Class or Credit Diploma from a recognized institution relevant to the programme applied for.


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