KSUSTA Academic Calendar 2023/2024: Important Dates for Students

It’s time to plan ahead for a productive academic year at KSUSTA! From registration kick-offs to examination periods, the 2023/2024 KSUSTA academic calendar is your roadmap to the year. This comprehensive guide will take you through each semester’s crucial events, including breaks and holidays, so you can balance your studies and leisure effectively. Let’s dive into the details so you can navigate the upcoming academic session with confidence!

Kebbi State University of Science and Technology Aliero (KSUSTA) Academic Calendar

Kebbi State University of Science and Technology (KSUSTA) has recently unveiled its comprehensive academic calendar for the 2023/2024 session. This calendar is essential for all students enrolled at KSUSTA, providing a structured timeline for the academic year. It includes key dates and deadlines that students must be aware of to effectively plan their academic activities.

πŸ†• New Registration 13th – 28th Nov 2023
πŸ” Returning Reg. 28th Nov – 3rd Dec 2023
πŸ“š Lectures Start 4th Dec 2023
πŸŽ„ Xmas Break 23rd Dec 2023 – 7th Jan 2024
✍️ Exams 1st Sem 18th Mar – 6th Apr 2024
β˜€οΈ Summer Break 7th Apr – 21st Apr 2024
πŸ“š Lectures 2nd Sem 22nd Apr – 14th Jun 2024
πŸ–οΈ Extended Break 25th Aug – 3rd Nov 2024

Understanding the KSUSTA Academic Calendar

First Semester Schedule

  • New Students Registration: This period begins on Monday, 13th November and concludes on Sunday, 28th November 2023.
  • Returning Students Registration: Set for the following week, starting from Monday, 28th November to Sunday, 3rd December 2023.
  • Commencement of Lectures: Lectures for the first semester will start on Monday, 4th December 2023.
  • Mid-Semester Break: A festive break is scheduled from Saturday, 23rd December 2023 to Sunday, 7th January 2024, encompassing the Christmas and New Year holidays.
  • Continuation of Lectures: Post the mid-semester break, lectures will resume on Monday, 8th January and extend until Sunday, 17th March 2024.
  • First Semester Examinations: These are planned from Monday, 18th March to Saturday, 6th April 2024.
  • Semester Break: A break will follow from Sunday, 7th April to Sunday, 21st April 2024.

Second Semester Schedule

  • Lectures Commencement: The second semester lectures begin on Monday, 22nd April and will continue until Friday, 14th June 2024.
  • Mid Semester Break: A scheduled break from Saturday, 15th June to Sunday, 23rd June 2024, coinciding with the El Kabir holiday.
  • Examinations: The second semester examinations are slated from Monday, 5th August to Saturday, 24th August 2024.
  • Extended Semester Break: A 10-week break is set from Sunday, 25th August to Sunday, 3rd November 2024.
  • Next Academic Session: The 2024/2025 academic session is scheduled to begin on Monday, 4th November 2024.

Special Note

It is important to note that the extended 10-week break in the second semester is specifically allotted for 200 & 300 level undergraduates to engage in SIWES and Teaching Practice programmes.


The KSUSTA academic calendar for the 2023/2024 academic session is meticulously structured to ensure a smooth educational experience for all students. This calendar serves as an essential guide for students to navigate their academic year efficiently, balancing their coursework, examinations, and breaks. The inclusion of dedicated periods for practical training and internships underscores KSUSTA’s commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience. Students are encouraged to refer to this calendar regularly to stay informed and prepare adequately for all academic activities.

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