Apply Now: Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kudu Internship 2023/2024

Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kudu is calling for interns! If you’re in Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, Physiotherapy, or Nursing Services, this is your chance to gain invaluable experience. With the application process now open, this summary provides you with all the details to submit your application, meet the deadline, and make a noteworthy start to your professional journey. Don’t let the deadline pass you by; learn more about the application fee and necessary documentation right here.

 Internship Opportunities at Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kudu

Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kudu in Jigawa State has officially announced the commencement of its application process for the 2023/2024 internship programme. This presents a unique opportunity for aspiring professionals in various medical fields to gain hands-on experience in a clinical setting. The internship is available across several key departments, offering a comprehensive insight into the medical profession.

🏥 FMC Birnin Kudu Internship Programme 2023/2024
📋 Departments Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology, etc.
📆 Deadline 27th Nov 2023
💳 Application Fee N4,000
📝 Apply To Head of Clinical Services
📜 Provisional License Must Attach with Application
📍 Location Birnin Kudu, Jigawa State
🎓 Candidates Open for Qualified Applicants

Departments Offering Internship Opportunities

Comprehensive List of Departments

  • Laboratory: A critical department for diagnostics and research.
  • Pharmacy: Essential for medication management and patient care.
  • Radiology: Focused on medical imaging and diagnosis.
  • Physiotherapy: Specializing in rehabilitation and physical therapy.
  • Nursing Services: The backbone of patient care and healthcare delivery.

Opportunities for Hands-On Experience

Each of these departments offers a unique learning environment. Interns will gain practical skills, work alongside experienced professionals, and contribute to patient care, all while building a solid foundation for their future careers.

Application Process and Requirements

Application Submission

Candidates interested in applying for the internship programme should ensure their applications reach the office of the Head of Clinical Services and Training by the 27th of November, 2023.

Key Requirements

Applicants must attach their provisional license with their application. This is a mandatory requirement to validate their eligibility for the internship.

Application Fee

An application fee of Four Thousand Naira (N4,000.00) is applicable. This fee is part of the application process and must be submitted for the application to be considered complete.


The Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kudu’s internship programme is an excellent opportunity for budding medical professionals. It offers a chance to gain valuable experience in a real-world clinical environment, under the guidance of experienced medical staff. As the deadline for application submission is the 27th of November, 2023, interested candidates are encouraged to prepare and submit their applications promptly. This internship could be the stepping stone to a successful career in the medical field.

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