Jamb Recent Repeated Questions on Government | Likely Jamb Questions and Answers

If you are taking Government in your JAMB 2021exam, here are some of the most repeated Jamb questions for Government. In other words, they are likely Jamb Questions and Answers in Government. These questions will cover a high majority of all parts of your government syllabus.

Early preparation is key to success. So, take note of some of these questions because some of these questions are likely going to be repeated.

So, let’s get right down to business

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Possible Jamb Repeated Questions And Answers for Government (1-20)

  1. The Arthur Richards constitution was designed to last for ___Ans: Six years
  2. Parastatals are established to ___Ans: Render social services
  3. A characteristic of public opinion is that it is  ___Answer: Dynamic
  4. The Nigerian federalism is an ___Answer: three-tier system
  5. ECOWAS is aimed at uniting the West African States ___Answer: Economically
  6. In 1958, who moved a motion for selfgovernment in Nigeria?Answer: Remi Fani-Kayode
  7. The Nigerian council was created by ___Answer: Frederick Lugard
  8. When did the military government abolish the four regions in Nigeria?Answer: 1966
  9. The British minister who opposed the cancellation of Nigeria’s debt was ___Answer: Margarat Thatcher
  10.  In the 1930s, the political movement that challenged the NNDP domination of Lagos politics was the___Answer: NYM (National Youths Movement)
  11. Which of the following Countries is closely associated with the development of Ajaokuta Steel project?Answer: Russia
  12.  A social system in which power is derived from control over land is called ___Answer: Feudalism
  13. The doctrine of rule of law is associated withAnswer: Dicey
  14. The process of removing an elected official by the electorate after an election is termed ___Ans: Impeachment
  15. The notion of equality before the law is the same as the principle ofAns: Rule of law
  16. The name of the president of Nigerian Labour Congress elected in 1983 is ___Ans: Alhaji Ali Ciroma
  17. In a democratic system, sovereignty is vested in the Ans: People
  18. The head of the executive branch in a parliamentary system is called ___Ans: Prime Minister
  19. The theory of separation of powers was for the first time clearly formulated Ans: Baron de Montesquieu
  20. he first franchise in the history of the democratic process is Answer: Universal Franchise

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Recent Jamb Questions And Answers (21-30)

21. The second ballot is based on the principle that a successful candidate must obtain

   Ans: Absolute majority

22. Political authority is vested in the_________

 Ans: Government

23. Unicameral legislatures are popular in

  Ans: Federal System

24. The main source of local government finance since the 1976 reform has been___________

Ans: The federal Government.

25. Nigeria is a member of____________

Ans: OAU, the UNO and ECOWAS

26. In the old OYO empire, the Ajele

Ans:  ensured good governance of the district

27. A human community that is usually cohesive and homogeneous is a

Ans: Nation

28. The Premier of the Western region immediately after Independence was ______

Ans: Chief Ladoke Akintola

29. A typical form of delegated legislation is

Ans: Bye-laws

30. According to Marxist theory, those who own and control the means of production in a capitalist society are the

Ans: Bourgeoisie


Likely Jamb Questions and Answers on Government PDF(31-40)

31. The first executive president of Nigeria was_________

Ans: Shehu Shagari

32. Which of the following countries made up the Casablanca Group

Ans:  Mali, Algeria, Egypt

33.A political manifesto is a document which outlines__________

Ans:  a party’s programme

34. The body responsible for exercising the functions of local governments in the 1976 reforms was the________

Ans:  local government council

35. One feature of the federal system of government is that the centre is____________

Ans: superior to the other components

36. The amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria was in

Ans: 1914


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