7 Reasons Why People Fail JAMB Every Year

Are you preparing for JAMB? Then this article on 7 Reasons Why People Fail JAMB is compulsory for you to read because many people are usually not successful in JAMB and they keep wondering why. To avoid JAMB failure, follow this.

Each year, Jamb records a high rate of failure and this failure is usually due to candidates falling victim to some petty things. But despite these things, you can still be successful in your JAMB if you AVOID THEM!

Every Jamb candidate wants to succeed. But some of them are not doing the right thing to actually succeed. These mistakes can be very costly and make one sit home for another year entirely.


1. Procrastination

One of the major reasons why people fail Jamb is because they have chosen to be friends with procrastination. This has made them victims of late preparation. If you keep saying JAMB is very far, then you are in trouble. The better prepared you are, the better you will perform. Get up and get ready!

2. Forgetting Everything You Read

Many students have a habit of forgetting what they have read. Formulas, shortcuts and many other things. It can be very bad when you are in the exam hall and you have forgotten something you spent hours reading. Read this article on  SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN WAYS TO REMEMBER EVERYTHING YOU READThis will help you remember all you read for your Jamb

3.  Fear of Jamb

One of the reasons why people fail Jamb is simply because of the way they have taken JAMB to be a god and this has caused unnecessary fear. Relax and take a deep breath. JAMB is an exam you should take seriously but not a do or die exam. Read and practice and you will clear it. Go to your exam with the right mindset and not a fearful mindset.

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4.   Expo and Special Centers

Right now, a lot of news is going around about jamb runs and special centers. Nothing is better than you being completely prepared for your exam by yourself. Avoid scammers because they will only take your money and still give you the wrong answers.

Another fake lie is the idea of JAMB UPGRADE. It is a lie from scammers to simply eat your money and run away. There is nothing like JAMB UPGRADE.

5.   Wrong Use Of Past Questions.

Most people do not know that there is a system on how to use JAMB past questions. You don’t just use it anyhow. Read on How to Use Jamb Past Questions To score above 280. You will be making a very big mistake if you do not know how to make use of JAMB past questions so you need to start NOW!

6.     No Fore-Knowledge of JAMB CBT Exam-style

All you might have been previously used to are PBT exams. But Jamb is a CBT exam. You need to know the CBT system and get some secrets of the CBT system so that you can score high. Read this JAMB CBT EXAM SECRETS TO SCORING HIGH

7.     No Time Consciousness

If you don’t know, know now that time is not your friend.  If you are the slow type, you need to start working on your speed by reading this article on HOW TO IMPROVE EXAM SPEED. Because in your JAMB exam, time will run at its fastest speed.


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