JAMB Repeated Questions in Biology | Jamb Biology Past Questions and Answers

My info Connect brings you more Jamb Repeated Questions and answers on Biology following our observation over the years that JAMB usually repeats its exam questions.

Keep up with the constantly updated Jamb Repeated Questions by clicking here. If you are taking Jamb in your JAMB 2021 UTME exam, here are some of the most repeated Jamb Questions and Jamb Biology past questions and answers. These questions will cover a high majority of all parts of your Biology syllabus.

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If you are preparing for your jamb, do well to follow up this series on Jamb repeated questions and answers


Early preparation is key to success. So, take note of some of these questions because some of these questions are likely going to be repeated.

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Do well to take note of these Jamb repeated questions.

 JAMB Repeated Biology Past Questions and Answers (1-10)

1. The opening and closing of the stomata is by

Ans: Osmosis

2. _______  have both male and female reproductive organs

Ans: Hermaphrodite 

3. When a person moves from a dark room into a bright light, the pupils become____

Ans: smaller

4. ____soil has the highest water-retaining capacity

Ans:  Clay

5. The _____tissues transport manufactured food from the leaves mainly to other parts of the plant either for use or for storage

Ans: phloem 

6. Melanin is produced by cells called _____

Ans: melanocytes.

7. _____ is the part of the eye that is sensitive to light

Ans: Retina

8. ____is a group of cells that are similarly arranged together to perform a specific function.

Ans: Tissue

9.  An organism that has been extensively used to test the chromosome theory of heredity is ______

Ans: Drosophila Melanogaster

10. The ____ secretes insulin a hormone which controls excess sugar in the blood.

Ans: pancreas

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POSSIBLE Jamb Biology Past Questions and Answers (11-20)

11. In a water culture experiment, a plant showed poor growth and yellowing of the leaves. These may be due to deficiency of

A. copper B. iron C. magnesium D. calcium.

12. The plantain reproduces asexually by

A. suckers B. buds C. fragments D. spores.

13.  In the life history of a butterfly, destruction of crops is caused by the

A. maggot B. nymph C. caterpillar D. pupa.

14. An organism found on a bare rock surface has features of algae and fungi. The organism is

A. an epiphyte B. a lichen C. a bryophyte D. a fern.

15. n which of the following groups of animals is the Malpighian tubule found?

A. Lizards, snakes and frogs B. Crickets, houseflies and grasshoppers C. Millipedes, centipedes and scorpions D. Earthworms, roundworms and flatworms.

16. The natural tendency of an organism as they evolve is to

A. decrease in size B. increase in number C. develops specialized structures D. feed indiscriminately.

17.  The lumbar vertebra, when compared with a thoracic vertebra, has a

A. longer neural spine B. wider neural canal C. thicker centrum D. shorter transverse process.

18. The ratio of carriers to sicklers in the F1 generation derived from a parental cross of two carriers of haemoglobin S gene is A.3:1 B. 1:3 C. 2:1 D. 1:2

19. A freshwater plant such as water lily can solve the problem of buoyancy by the possession of

A. aerenchymarous tissues B. dissected leaves C.. thin cell walls of the epidermis D. water-repelling epidermis.

20.  Sclerenchyma cells are lignified to

A. strengthen and support the plant B. transport synthesized food C. conduct water and salt D. protect the plant from injury.


MOST JAMB Repeated Questions (21-30)

21. The energy released during cellular respiration is stored in the form of ____

Ans: Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)

22. At the end of mitosis, the number of cells produced is

Ans: four

23. Each kidney is connected with the bladder by a ____

Ans: Ureter

24. During ____, the diaphragm contracts and flattens out simultaneously as the rib muscles contract, causing the ribs to be raised.

Ans: inspiration

25. The long necks and legs of the present-day giraffes were some of the basis of ___ Theory of Evolution

Ans: Lamarck’s

26. ___ is used for measuring wind speed.

Ans: Anemometer 

27.____refers to how easily water passes through the soil.

Ans: Soil permeability 

28. The earthworm possesses a_______ skeleton.

Ans: hydrostatic

29.____ is the outer layer that surrounds both the embryo and the yolk sack.

Ans:  Chorion

30. The structure of the ear which is responsible for balancing is the _____.

Ans: semicircular canals

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