5 Laws on How to Pass any Scholarship Exam you Write

How to Pass any Scholarship Exam. We all know what scholarships are. I actually see them as some sort of reward for intellect. That is why it is good you keep good grades and work hard.

Forget the idea of your regular school exams. Scholarship exams are the main deal because the organizers are set out to pick just the best of the best. So sometimes, they can be very tough. So you need to know the 5 Laws on How to Pass any Scholarship Exam You Write.

Your performance matters a lot when writing scholarship exams, especially the very prestigious ones like SAT. No one knows you or knows your face. So all those singles you out is your outstanding performance. You may have been trying out many scholarships and it seems you don’t get accepted. You need to try differently now.

Your uniqueness puts you ahead and gives you an edge over other candidates and these laws will help you out in any scholarship exam you take.

How to Pass any Scholarship Exam You Write


The first mistake most applicants make is not applying correctly. Always have it at the back of your mind that you are the one to benefit from the scholarship. So take your time to apply diligently and correctly.

Fill in all your necessary information, scan your document very clearly, send them in the right formats (.pdf or .jpg) and submit as at when due. Most times, people fail the scholarship exam right from their application because it is very poor.


I know you are wondering just what I mean by forefathers. This is not some voodoo but I mean those that have taken the scholarship exams or are beneficiaries. Meet someone who has been there before you. Be inquisitive and ask questions.

Find out what the exam is like, find out the grading system, likely questions, materials to read, etc. If you do not have anyone to ask, go on quora and I bet you, there is someone there to help you. Never feel like you know it all because you will end up failing woefully. This is one of the laws on how to pass any scholarship exam.


As a man thinketh, so is he. You must have a mindset of a winner. Don’t picture yourself as someone who may or may not pass the exam. Most people are afraid if such exams and that is why I suggest you read on How to Overcome Exam Fear

Believe that if others can do it, then you can do it. If you can pass the exam successfully from your mind, then you can do it on paper.

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Get a hold of some past questions from that scholarship. Download online or get from a forefather.  Never depend solely on what you have just read.

Here is a quick guide on the right way to make use of past questions to score high. You may just be very lucky, past questions will be repeated a lot.


This might not necessarily apply to everyone but if you are applying for a major scholarship exam, then you might need some coaching. Get a tutor to help you out and show you some tricks through the scholarship exam.
A tutor might be just what you need to get it right this time.


In conclusion, in an attempt to pick the best of the best, time might be made intentionally to not be on your side. Get the magic tips on how to improve your exam speed.


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Free Scholarship Past Questions and Answers for Scholarship Examinations in Nigeria and Abroad | PDF Download

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