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Nigerian Universities are very special. Whether you attended a Federal, State or Private University, there are certain experiences in Nigerian Universities you must have as a fresher or stallite. The beauty of all these experiences you will have in Nigerian universities is that they make your stay in school memorable and fun.

So, if you are attending or attended a Nigerian University, then you should be familiar with some of these.

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Funny Student Experiences in Nigerian Universities

1. 100 Level Spirit: Rush to class by 6:30 am and all the seats are occupied with bags and books.

Una dey sleep for class?
2. Typical feeding habit of a University Student

BEGINNING OF SEMESTER: Jollof rice, Chicken and Hollandia on a regular

MIDDLE OF SEMESTER: Palm Oil rice and Egg

SEMESTER ENDING: Garri and Groundnut ti takeover 😆😆

3. Lecturer: So, only 10 students came to class today abi? Ok! Tear out a sheet of paper right now.

*Lecturer turns to write on the board*. As he turns back, 2seconds CLASS DON FULL!

Experiences in Nigerian Universities
4.  Lecturer: “Buying my textbook is not compulsory please” but Class Rep…. “Quickly get me the list of all those who bought the textbook”😂


5. If finding your true love❤ is hard in the University then try looking for your HOD or Supervisor to sign a form or your Project.


6. 100 Level: “Guy na First class things o…Either I graduate with First Class or I die”
200 Level: “Second Class Upper dey ok for me. I dey sure of that one sef”
300 Level: “Guy If I see 2.2 I no mind o…. I don taya for school abeg”
Final Year: “Baba God, Make man just graduate abeg. Even If na pass, I go manage ”


7. Throughout the Semester, Party! Party!! Party!!! Two weeks to exam, “GUY I WAN DEY TAKE CHURCH SERIOUSLY NOW O. NA GOD GET POWER” 😇
8. *During Night Class*…….. “Please I do not want to take much of your time but I just want to tell you about…..”

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