Win up to $50,000 with Anzisha Prize Fellowship 2024


  • The Anzisha Prize Fellowship 2024 supports African entrepreneurs aged 15-22 with a 3-year program. The fellowship rewards growth with courses, stipends, and $50,000 prizes. Categories include Job Creation, Revenue Growth, and more. Applicants must have existing businesses. Apply or nominate by September 7, 2023.

Anzisha Prize Venture Building Fellowship

Are you a young, vibrant African entrepreneur striving to grow a small business? Do you believe in creating value, fostering innovation, and making a positive impact on society? If these words resonate with you, the Anzisha Prize Fellowship 2024 is calling for your application. Here’s everything you need to know about this prestigious fellowship that has been nurturing and rewarding entrepreneurial talents for over a decade.

🏆 Anzisha Prize 3-year fellowship for young African entrepreneurs; 10+ years running.
📈 Growth Rewards Benefits for growth: courses, cloud services, cash stipends, $50,000 prizes.
🎓 Alumni Network Graduates join Anzisha Prize alumni network.
🎁 Categories 4 prizes: Job Creation, Revenue Growth, Storytelling, Integrating Systems.
💰 Benefits Bi-annual cash, education, internships, special consultations.
📜 Eligibility Ages 15-22, African national, existing business, co-founder.
🧑‍⚖️ Judging Criteria 5 criteria: establishment, leadership, impact, revenue, job creation.
📝 Application Deadline September 7, 2023.

About the Anzisha Prize Fellowship

The Anzisha Prize Fellowship is more than just a program; it’s a movement dedicated to empowering very young entrepreneurs across Africa. Spanning three years, this fellowship is a venture-building initiative that rewards and celebrates business growth and ingenuity.

A Journey of Growth and Rewards

During the course of the program, the fellowship monitors the performance of both the business and the entrepreneur. The businesses that show exceptional growth and initiative are rewarded with valuable benefits, including:

  • Short courses
  • Cloud services
  • Cash stipends

Furthermore, at the end of the second year, fellows have the opportunity to pitch their businesses for a chance to win their share of prizes worth $50,000.

Upon completing the three-year journey, fellows graduate and join the exclusive Anzisha Prize alumni network, becoming part of a community that continues to shape the future of entrepreneurship in Africa.

Categories and Prizes

The Grand Prizes are divided into four key categories that reflect different aspects of entrepreneurial excellence:

  1. The Job Creation Prize
  2. Revenue Growth Prize
  3. Storytelling Prize
  4. Integrating Systems and Processes Prize

Benefits for the Fellows

  • Bi-annual cash stipends for eligible fellows.
  • Short term educational opportunities, internships, and specialized technical consultations in Year 2 and Year 3.
  • Specific prizes awarded in Year 2 based on achievements in the above categories.

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age between 15 and 22 years, with valid ID or Passport.
  • National of an African country with a business targeting African customers.
  • An existing business with tangible results (the Prize doesn’t reward ideas or plans).
  • Open to any field or industry, from science and technology to arts and culture.
  • Applicants must be founding members of a business.

Judging Criteria

The selection process focuses on five critical areas:

  • The value offered to customers and beneficiaries.
  • Leadership in venture strategy and operations.
  • Demonstrable impact.
  • Revenue earning or beneficiary impacting with growth potential.
  • Job creation with potential for high-quality job opportunities.

Applicants must also demonstrate their commitment to their venture by spending at least 20 hours a week on the business.

How to Apply or Nominate

Embrace this opportunity by applying or nominating a deserving entrepreneur through the following links:

For more information, visit Anzisha Prize.

Conclusion: Your Time to Shine!

The deadline is fast approaching, and the Anzisha Prize Fellowship 2024 is ready to discover and champion the next generation of African entrepreneurs. If you’ve got the vision, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit, this could be the life-changing opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Don’t hesitate; apply today and let the Anzisha Prize be the catalyst to your success. Your entrepreneurial journey begins here!

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