What Happens If You Don’t Do NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a program set up by the Nigerian government to involve Nigerian graduates in nation-building and the development of the country.

It is a compulsory one-year national service that must be undergone by all graduates of any university in Nigeria, or holders of a National Diploma Certificate, National Certificate of Education, or other professional qualification; unless such a person meets the conditions of being exempted from the NYSC program.

NYSC Objectives

The NYSC program has several objectives, such as:

  • To encourage and develop common ties among the Nigerian youths and promote national unity
  • To inculcate discipline in Nigerian youths by instilling in them a tradition of industry at work and patriotic and loyal service to Nigeria in any situation they may find themselves
  • To raise the moral tone of the Nigerian youths by giving them the opportunity to learn about higher ideals of national achievement, social and cultural improvement
  • To develop in the Nigerian youths the attitudes of mind, acquired through shared experience and suitable training, which will make them more amenable to mobilization in the national interest
  • To enable Nigerian youths to acquire the spirit of self-reliance by encouraging them to develop skills for self-employment
  • To contribute to the accelerated growth of the national economy
  • To develop common ties among the Nigerian youths and promote national unity and integration
  • To remove prejudices, eliminate ignorance and confirm at first hand the many similarities among Nigerians of all ethnic groups
  • To develop a sense of corporate existence and common destiny of the people of Nigeria

Who is Eligible for the NYSC Programme?

The NYSC program is mandatory for every Nigerian youth who has earned a degree from an accredited university or polytechnic in Nigeria or abroad. The age limit for participation is 30 years. However, there are some categories of persons who are exempted from the NYSC program, such as:

  • Those who are over 30 years old at the time of graduation or obtaining their diploma or other professional qualification
  • Those who have served in the armed forces of the Federation or the Nigeria Police Force for a period of more than nine months
  • Those who are members of staff of any of the following: the State Security Service, the National Intelligence Agency, or the Defence Intelligence Agency
  • Those who have been conferred with any National Honour

Those who are exempted from the NYSC program are issued with a Certificate of Exemption, which is also recognized by the country.

What Happens If You Don’t Do NYSC?

The NYSC program is not only a legal obligation, but also a civic duty for every eligible Nigerian youth. Failure to participate in the NYSC scheme can have serious consequences for the defaulter, such as:

  • Being fined N2000 or imprisoned for 12 months or both
  • Being denied employment opportunities in the public and private sectors
  • Being unable to further one’s education in any institution in Nigeria or abroad
  • Being unable to obtain a certificate of national service or exemption, which is required for many purposes such as obtaining a passport, opening a bank account, registering a business, etc.

Therefore, it is advisable for every Nigerian graduate who is not exempted from the NYSC program to report for service in the manner directed by the Directorate or as prescribed by the NYSC Act. This will not only help them avoid legal sanctions but also enable them to contribute to the development of their country and gain valuable skills and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (F&Qs)

Is it compulsory to go for NYSC?

Yes, it is compulsory for all Nigerian graduates to participate in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program. The NYSC was established in 1973 by the Nigerian government to inculcate the spirit of patriotism and nationalism in Nigerian youth.

The program also aims to promote national unity and integration, as well as to provide opportunities for graduates to acquire new skills and knowledge.

How important is NYSC certificate?

The NYSC certificate is an important document for Nigerian graduates. It is a proof that you have completed the compulsory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program. The certificate is required for many government jobs and can also be a valuable addition to your resume.

Here are some of the reasons why the NYSC certificate is important:

  • It is a proof of your civic duty.
  • It shows that you have the skills and knowledge to contribute to the development of Nigeria.
  • It can help you to get a job in the government or private sector.
  • It can be a valuable addition to your resume.

If you are a Nigerian graduate, it is important to obtain your NYSC certificate. You can do this by completing the NYSC program and submitting your application for a certificate. The certificate will be issued to you after a few weeks.

Can I be exempted from NYSC?

Yes, there are a few categories of people who are exempted from NYSC. These include:

  • Persons with disabilities.
  • Persons who are over the age of 30.
  • Persons who are already employed in the public sector.
  • Persons who have dual citizenship and have already served in another country’s national service program.
  • Persons who are members of the armed forces or the police.
  • Persons who are studying for a higher degree.
  • Persons who are living abroad and have not been in Nigeria for more than two years.
  • Persons who have been convicted of a felony.

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