Western Delta University Convocation Ceremony – December 2023 Schedule

Are you ready to celebrate the achievements of Western Delta University’s brightest at their Convocation Ceremony? Curious about what’s in store for the graduates and the academic community this December? Get all the details about this pivotal event that promises to recognise excellence and inspire the role of youth in governance!

Western Delta University (WDU) Convocation Ceremony

Western Delta University, situated on the KM 10 Benin/Sapele Expressway in Oghara, Delta State, is poised to mark a historic occasion in its academic calendar. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Augustine Ikelegbe, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Governing Council, and Senate, extends a cordial invitation to the academic community and the general public to partake in the university’s maiden combined convocation ceremony.

🏫 WDU Event Combined Convocation Ceremony
📅 Dates 11th to 13th December 2023
🎤 Lecture Topic People-Centred Governance
🎓 Degrees Honorary, Higher, First Degrees
🏆 Prizes Presentation Event
🕘 Time 10:00 AM
📍 Venue University Main Auditorium
📢 Speaker Prof. Antonia Taiye Okoosi-Simbine

Convocation Highlights

Commemorating Academic Milestones

The forthcoming convocation ceremony is a remarkable event, celebrating the academic milestones achieved by the students and the institution. Scheduled to take place from the 11th to the 13th of November, this ceremony is not merely a formality but a commemoration of the relentless pursuit of knowledge and dedication to scholarly excellence.

Convocation Lecture: A Focus on Youth and Governance

A pivotal feature of the convocation will be a lecture titled “Towards a People Centered Governance Process in Nigeria: The Role of the Youth”, delivered by Professor Antonia Taiye Okoosi-Simbine, Director General, Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Ibadan. This lecture, scheduled for Saturday, 2nd December 2023, at 10 AM in the University Main Auditorium, promises to offer profound insights into the integral role of youth in shaping governance in Nigeria.

Ceremonial Events

The convocation will confer honorary degrees, award higher degrees and diplomas, and present first degrees alongside the presentation of prizes to outstanding graduates. It is a moment of pride and joy, not just for the graduates but for the entire Western Delta University family.

Final Notes and RSVP

A Call to Celebrate Together

Western Delta University invites all stakeholders, alumni, and friends of the university to join in this grand celebration. It is a time to applaud the efforts of the graduates and to inspire future cohorts to reach for even greater heights.

Confirming Your Attendance

Please RSVP to ensure your presence at this monumental event, contributing to the narrative of success and academic distinction that Western Delta University embodies.


The maiden combined convocation ceremony of Western Delta University is more than an event; it is the beginning of a legacy of excellence. It stands as an affirmation of the institution’s commitment to fostering an environment where the youth can thrive and contribute significantly to the nation’s development. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you. Join us as we honour the achievements of our students and look forward to a future filled with promise and potential.

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