UNIOSUN Academic Calendar 2023/2024


Eager to gain insights into Osun State University’s 2023/2024 academic timetable? From the commencement of lectures to examination periods, how does the university orchestrate its academic year? Delve into this comprehensive guide to grasp the intricacies of the university’s academic calendar, tailored for both new and returning students.

Osun State University, Osogbo (commonly known as UNIOSUN) has taken the initiative to unveil its detailed academic calendar for the 2023/2024 session. This well-structured schedule is an invaluable tool for students, providing insight and clarity into the academic year. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a returning student, understanding the university’s timelines is key to successful planning.

📅 Resumption Date 13th November 2023: Start of Harmattan Semester Lectures
🌲 Holiday 22nd Dec 2023-7th Jan 2024: Christmas/New Year Break
🎓 Matriculation 13th February 2024
📖 Exam Period 26th Feb-15th March 2024: Harmattan Semester Exams
🌦️ Rain Semester 8th April 2024: Start of Rain Semester Lectures
📆 Lecture-Free 1st-5th July 2024
🔍 GNS Exams 18th-22nd March & 22nd-26th July 2024
📜 Session’s End 9th August 2024: Marking & Grading, End of Academic Session

Harmattan Semester: Key Dates

Commencement of the Academic Session

  • Monday, 13th November 2023: The academic journey for the 2023/2024 session begins with the resumption and commencement of Harmattan semester lectures for all students.

Orientation Week for Freshers

  • Monday, 20th – Wednesday, 22nd November 2023: Newly admitted students will undergo an orientation programme designed to familiarize them with university life and its myriad of opportunities.
Osun State University (UNIOSUN) Academic Calendar

Holiday Break

  • Friday, 22nd December 2023 – Sunday, 7th January 2024: A much-needed Christmas and New Year break offers students a time to relax and rejuvenate before diving back into academic activities.

Post-Holiday Resumption

  • Monday, 8th January 2024: Students are expected to return from their festive break and continue with their academic endeavours.


  • Tuesday, 13th February 2024: A significant milestone for every first-year student. The matriculation ceremony represents their formal induction into the UNIOSUN community.

Lecture-Free Week

  • Monday, 19th – Friday, 23rd February 2024: This is a dedicated week free from lectures, allowing students to prepare adequately for impending examinations.

End of Harmattan Semester Exams

  • Monday, 26th February – Friday, 15th March 2024: The Harmattan semester examinations for all levels of study commence.

GNS Examinations and Semester Break

  • Monday, 18th – Friday, 22nd March 2024: Students sit for the GNS examinations.
  • Monday, 25th March – Friday, 5th April 2024: A brief semester break offers students a respite from the first half of the academic year.

Rain Semester: Overview of Dates

Beginning of Rain Semester

  • Monday, 8th April 2024: The Rain semester lectures kick off, marking the second half of the academic session.

Lecture-Free Period

  • Monday, 1st – Friday, 5th July 2024: Another lecture-free week ensures students have ample time for revision before exams.

Rain Semester Examinations and GNS Exams

  • Monday, 8th – Friday, 19th July 2024Rain semester examinations for all academic levels are in session.
  • Monday, 22nd – Friday, 26th July 2024: Following the main exams, students then sit for the GNS examinations.

End of the Academic Year

  • Monday, 29th July – Friday, 9th August 2024: This period is dedicated to the marking and grading of scripts, culminating in the official end of the 2023/2024 academic session.

Annual Leave for Academic Staff

  • Monday, 12th August 2024: Academic staff embark on their well-deserved annual leave.

Wrapping It Up

The academic calendar serves as a roadmap for students, highlighting essential dates and events. Being well-acquainted with these dates can pave the way for a smooth and productive academic experience at UNIOSUN. We urge all students to make the most of this calendar, leveraging it as a tool to plan their academic year effectively.

In Conclusion

Osun State University, Osogbo has always prioritized its students’ needs, and releasing a comprehensive academic calendar well in advance exemplifies this commitment. As the 2023/2024 academic year beckons, students are encouraged to approach it with enthusiasm, armed with the clarity that the calendar provides.

We wish every UNIOSUN student a fruitful and enlightening academic journey ahead. Stay informed, stay ahead, and make the most of the opportunities that come your way!

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