UNIMED Transitional-Doctor of Physiotherapy 23/2024: Apply Now


  • The University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED), Ondo, announces its Transitional-Doctor of Physiotherapy Programme for 2023/2024. Eligibility varies based on prior qualifications, ranging from BSc to Ph.D. levels in related fields, affecting the programme’s duration. Applicants must apply through the official website, strictly adhering to the provided payment methods to avoid scams.

UNIMED Transitional- Doctor of Physiotherapy Programme Admission

The esteemed University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED) in Ondo State has officially announced its call for applications to the Transitional- Doctor of Physiotherapy Programme for the 2023/2024 academic year.

📣 Announcement UNIMED’s Transitional- Doctor of Physiotherapy Programme 2023/2024 is open for applications.
🎯 Programme Aim Admission into Transitional-Doctor of Physiotherapy. Duration varies based on prior qualifications.
📚 Requirements WASCE/NECO in 5 subjects; BSc in Physiotherapy or related; possible Master’s or Ph.D. for 12 months.
🖥️ How to Apply Apply online via official site; Payments only by VISA or MASTER Card.
⚠️ Payment Note Payments only on www.unimed.edu.ng. Avoid unauthorized accounts.
❌ Disclaimer UNIMED has no individual agents; refer only to the official website for genuine details.
🚫 Payment Warning Avoid payments to individual accounts; only use the official procedure.
🔍 Clarification Contact university directly if in doubt about payment or admission details.

Programme Overview

UNIMED is inviting applications from eligible and qualified candidates for enrolment into its Transitional- Doctor of Physiotherapy Programme, targeting the upcoming academic session.

Admission Criteria

For successful admission into the programme and to eventually receive the tDPT degree from UNIMED, candidates must adhere to the following prerequisites:

  1. Candidates must secure credits in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English Language, and Mathematics either from the West African School Certificate of Examination (WASCE) or National Examination Council (NECO). It is crucial that all subjects are attempted and passed in no more than two sittings.
  2. 18-month Duration: Candidates aiming for this duration should be graduates holding at least a second-class lower division (2:2) or achieve a pass grade (with a 50% aggregate) in courses such as Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (BScPT), Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (BMR – Physiotherapy option), or Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT).
  3. 12-month Duration: For a shortened 12-month programme, candidates need to possess the aforementioned first degree along with an additional qualification – either a Master’s degree or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in a discipline related to physiotherapy.

Application Procedure

Initiate your application process here. Subsequent steps include:

  1. Visiting UNIMED’s official website.
  2. Navigating to ‘Admission’, then selecting the desired programme.
  3. Click on ‘PAYMENT’ for the online payment, using either VISA or MASTER Card (Note: VERVE Card is not supported).
  4. Once payment is complete, make sure to print the Payment Receipt.
  5. Proceed to ‘APPLICATION FORM’, utilising your Payment Transaction ID, and finalise the application.

For an exhaustive insight on payment and application nuances, candidates are encouraged to review the university’s official site. Attention: Always direct payments to the sanctioned portal and circumvent unauthorised accounts. Seek further clarity in case of uncertainties.


It’s paramount for applicants to be aware that UNIMED does not employ individual agents for admissions. The sole source of genuine and verified information about the university’s admission procedures is UNIMED’s official website. Payments for application forms should strictly adhere to the described protocol. Engaging with unauthorised individuals or transacting payments into personal accounts is done entirely at the risk of the individual.

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