UNILAG Online Post UTME Screening Guidelines 2023/2024


  • UNILAG has provided candidates with a set of 10 instructions for their home online test. Key guidelines include a reliable Internet connection, monitored activities through a webcam and microphone, a 30-minute test duration, and a strict directive against covering the webcam or switching tabs. Additionally, candidates are not permitted any assistance, even from family members, and are forbidden from wearing facemasks or caps during the test.

University of Lagos Online Post UTME Screening

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) has always been a forerunner in adopting technological advancements in its examination process. With the latest introduction of the home online aptitude test, candidates are required to familiarize themselves with the key instructions to ensure a smooth and credible examination experience.

🌐 Internet Connection Ensure reliable Internet before starting the aptitude test
🎥 Monitoring Tools Activities monitored; webcam & microphone required
🚫 Webcam Coverage Do not cover webcam; could lead to disqualification
⏳ Test Duration 30 minutes, automatically submits after time runs out
🚷 Stay on Tab No switching tabs/applications; results in disqualification
🚫 No External Help No one, including family, should be present
🚫 Face Coverings Use of facemasks or face caps prohibited
📅 Test Schedule Login only on the scheduled date & time

A Seamless Internet Experience

One of the primary advisories issued by the UNILAG management focuses on the importance of a stable Internet connection. Candidates are advised to ensure they have a reliable Internet connection before initiating the online aptitude test. The quality of connectivity can significantly influence the test experience.

Monitoring and Security Measures

To maintain the integrity of the examination, the university has implemented robust monitoring mechanisms. Candidates should be aware that their activities will be closely monitored and recorded during the test. The need for a webcam and microphone-enabled device isn’t just a recommendation, it’s a necessity. UNILAG is particular about maintaining visual and auditory contact with the candidates throughout the test duration.

Furthermore, candidates are explicitly forbidden from covering their webcams. The university warns that any inability to view the candidate at any point might result in immediate disqualification.

The Dos and Don’ts during the Test

  • Stay in Position: The management has warned candidates against leaving their position during the test. Preparation is key – ensure everything needed is within arm’s reach before the test commences.
  • No Tab Switching: Candidates are strictly advised against navigating away from the test tab. Whether it’s to use another application or even the computer’s calculator, diverting from the test interface could lead to disqualification.
  • Solo Testing Environment: Maintaining the sanctity of the examination environment is of utmost importance. As such, candidates must ensure they are alone throughout the test. This means no family members or friends should be present. A breach of this instruction carries the risk of disqualification.

Test Duration and Other Key Instructions

The aptitude test is strictly timed at 30 minutes. This clock starts ticking the moment a candidate clicks the start button. It’s essential to understand that the timer doesn’t pause – even if one logs out, the clock continues.

If a candidate exhausts their allotted time before completion, the system will automatically submit the test. The management further adds that any use of face masks or caps during the test is strictly prohibited. Lastly, punctuality is paramount. Candidates should only attempt to log in at their designated date and time.

In Conclusion

The move to online testing is an innovative approach by UNILAG to keep the examination process streamlined even in challenging times. However, success hinges on every candidate’s ability to adhere strictly to the set guidelines. The emphasis is clear: Ensure authenticity, maintain discipline, and approach the test with the seriousness it deserves.

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