UNILAG Admission Closure Update 2023-2024

The gates to UNILAG’s 2023/2024 academic session are closing, leaving some candidates at a crossroads with their admission offers. If you’ve been offered a programme different from what you initially applied for, action is required, and fast! With a crucial deadline approaching, what steps must you take to claim your place at this prestigious institution?

UNILAG Announces Closure of Admission Exercise

Attention prospective students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG)! If you’ve been on the edge of your seat about your admission status, it’s time to take prompt action. The university has officially closed its admission exercise for the 2023/2024 academic session, and there are essential steps you must follow if your admission offer differs from your initial application.

🚪 Admission Closed For 2023/2024
🔄 Transfer Offers Yet to be accepted
⏰ Deadline 15th November 2023
📝 Accept Offer Via Candidate’s Portal
💼 Admission Status Pending on JAMB CAPS
🎯 Action Required Accept Transfer Offer
❌ Forfeiture Risk If Not Accepted by Deadline
🗓️ Urgent Immediate Attention Needed

Urgent Notice for Candidates with Alternative Offers

  • Transfer Offer Acceptance: UNILAG has noted that several candidates offered admission into programmes different from what they initially applied for have not yet accepted these transfer offers. This acceptance is critical as it impacts the University’s ability to formalize your admission on JAMB CAPS.

Action Required

Deadline for Acceptance

  • You have until Wednesday, November 15, 2023, to accept the offer on your portal.

Consequences of Non-Acceptance

  • Failing to accept the transfer offer by the deadline means your admission will not be proposed on JAMB CAPS, and you will forfeit your admission opportunity.

Next Steps for Candidates

  1. Log in to Your UNILAG Portal: Access your candidate portal promptly.
  2. Accept the Transfer Offer: Follow the instructions to accept the transfer to the new programme offered to you.

Implications of Missing the Deadline

  • Admission Forfeiture: This is your final chance to secure your place at UNILAG for the coming academic year. Missing this deadline will result in the loss of your admission spot.

It’s a crucial moment in your academic journey. Ensure you adhere to UNILAG’s directives and complete your admission process within the stipulated time frame. This is a necessary step to join the prestigious ranks of UNILAG students. Act now and secure your future at one of Nigeria’s leading universities.

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