UNILAG Resumption Date For 2023/2024 Session


Are your calendars marked and your bags packed to embark on another enlightening journey at the University of Lagos? Could the hallowed halls of UNILAG be whispering the secrets of the upcoming academic year already? Indeed, the news is out, and it is creating a flurry of preparations and eager anticipations among the students, both new and returning, and their guardians, initiating them into the paths of academia for the 2023/2024 academic session.

University of Lagos (UNILAG) Resumption Date

The esteemed University of Lagos (UNILAG) is pleased to inform all students—both newly admitted and returning—that the management has officially declared Monday, October 30, 2023, as the commencement date for the forthcoming 2023/2024 academic session.

Resumption Date 📅 Monday, October 30, 2023
Institution 🏫 University of Lagos (UNILAG)
Session 📚 2023/2024 Academic Session
Audience 🧑‍🎓 Students, Parents, and Guardians
Announcement 📢 Made by UNILAG Management
For Whom? 👥 Newly Admitted and Returning Students
Purpose 🎯 Academic Activities Commencement
Note 📌 General Public should be Informed

UNILAG’s Welcoming Statement

The administrative body of UNILAG extends its warm wishes and announcements, affirming the inception of the anticipated academic journey for the session of 2023/2024. The university takes this opportunity to welcome all its diligent students, both newcomers and those resuming, to a conducive and academic-focused environment.

Key Information for Students, Parents, and Guardians

It is imperative for all students, their parents, guardians, and the wider community to be cognizant of this announcement. The university emphasizes the importance of being well-informed and prepared for the resumption of academic endeavours and encourages every student to be attentive to the forthcoming schedules and university guidelines.

Start of the Academic Journey

The onset of the academic session is a significant transition for all involved, especially the students who are the centre of the academic ecosystem. The student body, composed of both fresh enrollees and returning scholars, is encouraged to embrace this academic phase with zeal and dedication. This transition is equally crucial for parents and guardians, who play a supportive role in the academic and personal development of the students. They are urged to stay informed about the university’s updates and facilitate their wards in adapting to the new academic cycle.

Conclusion: A Vibrant Academic Atmosphere Awaits

In conclusion, the University of Lagos beckons all its devoted students to return and commence their academic pursuits with enthusiasm and commitment, ensuring a harmonious and productive academic year. The university hopes that the knowledge disseminated will be absorbed with eagerness and the scholarly environment will stimulate intellectual and personal growth for every student.

This announcement aims to reinforce the university’s dedication to providing a rich learning environment and to keep all stakeholders well-informed about the pivotal developments within the academic landscape.

Students, parents, guardians, and the community at large are urged to mark Monday, October 30, 2023, on their calendars as the University of Lagos opens its doors to a new and promising academic session.

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