UNILAG Fees Instalment Payment Procedure 2023/2024


Are you aware of the University of Lagos’s newly amended procedure for instalment payment of fees? Delve into the significant details of UNILAG’s thoughtful arrangement, designed to ease the financial burden on students, all while maintaining transparency in transactions.

UNILAG Procedure for Instalment Payment of Fees

The University of Lagos (UNILAG), in a bid to enhance financial flexibility, has meticulously reviewed and adjusted its obligatory fees, effective from Thursday, September 14, 2023. This post seeks to elucidate the newly amended breakdown and procedure for the instalment payment option available to students.

🏛️ University University of Lagos (UNILAG)
📆 Update Date September 14, 2023
🧾 Payment Types 50% Obligatory fees with 100% utility fees
🆕 New Students Fees ₦83,162.5 (Without Lab/Studio) ₦108,150 (With Lab/Studio)
🔄 Returning Students Fees ₦55,375 (Without Lab/Studio) ₦75,125 (With Lab/Studio) ₦100,125 (Medical, Pharmacy)
🖨️ Exam Docket Requirement 20% of the obligatory fees
📅 Final Payment Date Before end of registration for 2nd Semester, 2023/2024
📧 Contact citshelpdesk@unilag.edu.ng / helpdeskbursary@unilag.edu.ng

Generating Payment Advice

Students are advised to generate payment advice from the student portal. It is imperative to note that the payment advice utilised for the initial payment remains valid for all subsequent payments.

Initial Payment Structure

Students opting for the instalment payment plan are required to proceed with the payment of 50% of the obligatory fees coupled with 100% of the utility fees. Below are the detailed requirements:

For New Undergraduates

New undergraduates opting for payment in instalments are required to pay a minimum of:

  • 100% Utility
  • 100% Toxicology
  • 50% Obligatory fees

Hence, the comprehensive breakdown is as follows:

  • Courses without Labs/Studio
    • Utility: ₦15,000
    • Toxicology: ₦10,000
    • Obligatory fees: ₦58,162.5
    • Total: ₦83,162.5
  • Courses with Labs/Studio
    • Utility: ₦15,000
    • Toxicology: ₦10,000
    • Obligatory fees: ₦83,150
    • Total: ₦108,150

For Returning Undergraduates

Returning undergraduates who opt for payment in instalments must fulfil the minimum payment of 100% Utility and 50% obligatory fees. Below is the detailed breakdown:

  • Courses without Labs/Studio
    • Utility: ₦15,000
    • Obligatory fees: ₦40,375
    • Total: ₦55,375
  • Courses with Labs/Studio
    • Utility: ₦15,000
    • Obligatory fees: ₦60,125
    • Total: ₦75,125
  • Medical Students, Students in Pharmacy and Health Professionals
    • Utility: ₦15,000
    • Obligatory fees: ₦85,125
    • Total: ₦100,125

Payment Before Examination

It is crucial to note that 20% of the obligatory fees must be settled before the printing of examination dockets for the 1st Semester, 2023/2024 examinations. Below are the requisite amounts:

New Students

  • Courses without Labs/Studio: ₦23,265
  • Courses with Labs/Studio: ₦33,260

Returning Students

  • Courses without Labs/Studio: ₦16,150
  • Courses with Labs/Studio: ₦24,050
  • Medical Students, Students in Pharmacy and Health Professionals: ₦34,050

Final Payment Structure

The concluding 30% of the obligatory fees must be discharged before the culmination of the registration for the 2nd Semester, 2023/2024. The mandatory amounts are itemised below:

New Students

  • Courses without Labs/Studio: ₦34,897.5
  • Courses with Labs/Studio: ₦49,890

Returning Students

  • Courses without Labs/Studio: ₦24,225
  • Courses with Labs/Studio: ₦36,075
  • Medical Students, Students in Pharmacy and Health Professionals: ₦51,075

Final Year Students

  • Convocation Fees: ₦27,000
  • Courses without Labs/Studio: Total: ₦51,225
  • Courses with Labs/Studio: Total: ₦63,075
  • Medical Students, Students in Pharmacy and Health Professionals: Total: ₦78,075

For any additional clarification or information, students are encouraged to contact the university helpdesk via citshelpdesk@unilag.edu.ng or helpdeskbursary@unilag.edu.ng.

This comprehensive guide provides clarity and depth on the updated instalment payment procedure at the University of Lagos, aiding both new and returning students in navigating their payment options effectively.

In conclusion, the University of Lagos has diligently established these structured payment plans to accommodate the diverse financial capabilities of its students, fostering an inclusive learning environment. By adhering to the outlined procedures, students can effectively manage their financial obligations to the institution, ensuring a seamless academic experience.

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