Plan Your Year with The Official UNICAL Academic Calendar

Embarking on your educational journey at UNICAL this year and curious about the key dates? Wondering how the 2023/2024 academic calendar will shape your semester? What exactly are the pivotal moments you can’t afford to miss, from matriculation to exams? Let’s walk through the UNICAL academic calendar and highlight the milestones that await!

University of Calabar Academic Calendar

If you’re a student at the University of Calabar (UNICAL), it’s time to familiarize yourself with the academic calendar for the 2023/2024 session. Knowing key dates and activities helps you plan effectively, ensuring a smooth educational journey.

πŸ“š Calendar 2023/2024 Academic Year
πŸ“… Start Date New Students: 25 Nov ’23
πŸ”„ Events Lectures, Exams, Breaks
πŸŽ‰ Matriculation 26 Jan ’24
πŸ“ Exams Start 19 Feb ’24
🌴 Easter Break Starts 25 Mar ’24
πŸ”™ Resumption 4 Apr ’24
⏳ Duration 16 Weeks Per Semester

UNICAL Academic Calendar Breakdown

November 2023

  • 25th: Arrival of new students
  • 27th: Screening/registration of new students begins

December 2023

  • 1st: Arrival of returning students
  • 4th: Registration begins for returning students; Lectures begin for all students
  • 11th – 12th: GSS Examination
  • 18th – 20th: Supplementary and summer examination
  • 21st: Christmas Break begins

January 2024

  • 3rd: Returning of students from Christmas break
  • 8th: Solemn assembly
  • 8th – 12th: Continuous Assessment for all students
  • 15th: Late registration begins for all students
  • 17th: Inaugural lecture
  • 18th – 19th: Orientation
  • 25th: Late registration ends for all students
  • 26th: Matriculation
  • 29th: Add and drop courses end for all students
  • 31st: Inaugural lecture

February 2024

  • 14th: Inaugural lecture
  • 19th – 23rd: Revision
  • 19th – 24th: GSS Exams
  • 26th: Exams begin for all students

March 2024

  • 16th: Exam end for all students
  • 18th – 23rd: Convocation
  • 19th – 21st: EDC Exams
  • 25th: End of semester/Easter break begins

April 2024

  • 4th: End of Easter break/Resumption
  • 5th: Returning of Students from Easter break
  • 8th: Lecture begins for all students


  • Duration of semester: 16 weeks
  • Lectures: 11 weeks
  • Examination: 5 weeks
  • Total: 16 weeks


The UNICAL academic calendar is a vital tool for managing your studies and extracurricular activities. Ensure you note down these dates, attend all scheduled events, and keep abreast of any changes that may occur.

Stay informed and prepared to make the most of the academic year ahead at UNICAL.

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