UNIBEN SUG Plenary sees the suspension of 5 Executives

UPDATE ON UNIBEN SUG. On saturday the 21st of April 2019, 5 University of Benin Student Union Government Executives were Suspended by the Student Senate body. These are the details of how the meeting went down.

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The students Senate sitting started with a procession from Ekewan campus led by RT. HON. PHILIP and ended in June 12 building.
The sitting started with an opening prayer and the Senate president RT. HON. PHILIP started with introduction of himself and his principal officials, after which all the Senators representing different departments introduced themselves.
The agenda of the students Senate meeting was read out by the clerk Hon Tega ,is as follows.
1: Opening Prayer
2: Adoption of Standing Order
3: Ractification of Judicial arm
4: Ratification of Committee
5: State of the union
6: A.O.B

The standing orders which will guide all the proceedings of the students Senate meeting, was adopted by all Senators, by an oral approval, after it was read out loud by the Senate president.

The following motions was adopted by the house:

1. Non Ractification of Judicial arm due to the fact other faculties Representatives where not present and due to the fact that it was made up of only law students which is not supposed to be so.
2. Ratification of Committee all the Senators where all assigned to a committee to help the management, excutives in the day to day running of the union.
3. For an investigation committee to be set up,to investigate the negotiations of the SUG with the management concerning the Three thousand naira and other things of interest.
4. The indefinite suspension of Five SUG executives who are as follows:-
-President – Idehen Charles.
-Vice President – Glory Chicamso.
-Secretary – Francis ihejirika.
-Director of Finance – Iyobosa oviawe
-Director of Welfare – Ikponwonsa godspower.
They were suspended on the ground of Gross Incompetence/misconduct, stipulated in section 36; sub section 7 and section 37B and section 38; sub section 1 and 5 of the Student Union Government Constitution.

In summary they never sorted the approval of the students Senate before, calling for a general assembly, organizing their programs,sorting for external funds for their programs,not releasing an update/circulars mandating the students not to pay the said 3k immediately they got wind of it from the management,the dirty state of the SUG building and not carrying the principal officials along with their first meeting with the management.
The president of the SUG read out his 5 pages of the state of the union to all the Senators,after which he was questioned on it. For details of it contact the Senator representing your constituents.

The Senators where served rice,turkey,malt&table water for their recess.
The security unit did their best to make sure that the students Senate meeting was not interrupted by some persons.
The venue for the students Senate meeting was conducive.
Every senators was given the opportunity to air their views without fear or intimidation.
The students Senate meeting came to a conclusion in a peaceful end with the Senate president led by the chief whipe taking their leave.
Unfortunately the Senators ran out of the hall for safety reasons.
Those present for the students students Senate meeting
All SUG excutives, Senators from all faculties, observers…


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