UNIBEN Geosciences & Petrol Engineering Form 2024/2025


  • The University of Benin, in partnership with NNPC/Shell, announces admissions for 2024/2025 into its Centre of Excellence in Geosciences & Petroleum Engineering. Established in 2012, the centre aims to bridge academia and industry. They offer M.Sc. and PhD programmes oriented towards practical oil & gas industry challenges. Over 82% of its graduates are gainfully employed.

UNIBEN Geosciences & Petroleum Engineering Admission Form

In a collaborative endeavour between the University of Benin and the NNPC/Shell Joint Venture, the Centre of Excellence in Geosciences & Petroleum Engineering (CoE) was established in 2012. This partnership was curated to bridge the gap between academia and industry, aiming to produce graduates primed for industry challenges. The centre has been active academically since the 2013/2014 session.



🏢 Establishment University of Benin & NNPC/Shell JV Centre of Excellence in Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering established in 2012.
🎯 Objective To promote academia-industry linkage and produce industry-ready graduates.
📚 M.Sc. Programmes Focused on Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering. Graduates acquire skills for the oil & gas industry and get multidisciplinary training for exploration & production challenges.
📈 Past Performance 82% of the Centre’s graduates are employed. 40.6% hold tenured technical positions in Nigeria’s oil & gas industry.
✍️ M.Sc. Application Offering M.Sc. in Petroleum Exploration and Evaluation (Geology & Geophysics) and Petroleum Engineering and Production Studies.
🎓 PhD Programmes Advanced science/engineering education oriented towards industry and academia. Offering multiple specializations in Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences.
📝 PhD Requirements An M.Sc. degree with a minimum average score of 65%. Statement of Intent on proposed PhD research project.
🌐 Application Method Online application through the University’s website. Deadline: 30th November, 2023.

Masters’ Programmes Overview

The CoE offers M.Sc. programmes, meticulously designed to produce professionals adept in the nuances of Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering. These courses focus on essential areas including exploration, appraisal, production, and value creation pertinent to the Oil, Gas and Allied sectors. Graduates are empowered with both contemporary theoretical knowledge and the adaptability to meet dynamic industry demands.

With a focus on leadership training, the programmes also emphasize a multidisciplinary approach to addressing challenges in exploration and production. It’s notable that the centre boasts a strong academia-industry linkage in both content and delivery. To date, the Centre has proudly graduated nine batches, comprising 123 students, 82% of whom have found meaningful employment.

Application Process for M.Sc. Programmes



The CoE invites applications for the following M.Sc. programmes:

  • M.Sc. Integrated Petroleum Exploration and Evaluation Studies (Geology Option)
  • M.Sc. Integrated Petroleum Exploration and Evaluation Studies (Geophysics Option)
  • M.Sc. Integrated Petroleum Engineering and Production Studies

Intended Applicants: Those passionate about a career in Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering. This includes existing professionals in the Exploration and Production industry, Geoscience Agencies, and Consulting firms.

Duration: The full-time programmes span 18 months. This includes 12 months of academic endeavours and a 6-month mandatory industry internship.

Admission Requirements: A First degree with a minimum of Second Class Upper Division grade in Geology, Geophysics, Petroleum Engineering, or other relevant Physical Sciences or Engineering fields. Completion of the NYSC is mandatory.

Doctoral Programmes Overview

Building on the stellar reputation of its Masters’ programmes, the CoE’s Doctoral programmes are tailored to equip students with deep academic and practical insights. They are structured to foster industry-relevant expertise, enabling graduates to meet evolving industry demands.

Application Process for PhD Programmes

The CoE invites applications for the following PhD programmes:

  • PhD in Earth Sciences (Petroleum Geology Option)
  • PhD in Earth Sciences (Petroleum Geophysics Option)
  • PhD in Petroleum Engineering (across various specialisations)
  • PhD in Energy Studies

Intended Applicants: Those who aspire to elevate their science or engineering acumen to carve a niche in academia, industry, or government agencies.

Duration: The full-time programmes are designed to be completed in a minimum of three years.

Admission Requirements: Applicants should possess an M.Sc. degree with a minimum average score of 65% in a relevant field. Those with a score of 60% and significant industrial experience may also be considered.

How to Apply

  1. Visit University of Benin Postgraduate Portal.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Application’ section.
  3. Select the ‘CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE 2024/2025 CYCLE APPLICATION’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: Payments are facilitated via the Interswitch platform, compatible with any valid ATM or CASHCARD from Nigerian commercial banks.

Applicants should also arrange for academic transcripts to be sent to the University of Benin’s Postgraduate School and procure recommendation letters from at least three referees.

Application Deadline: 30th November, 2023.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

For additional details or queries, contact: +234 (0)8167629784 or email director@coe.uniben.edu.



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