List of Available UDUSOK Postgraduate Courses


  • Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUSOK) has announced its postgraduate courses for the 2023/2024 academic session, spanning multiple faculties including Agriculture, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Arts & Islamic Studies, Education, Science, Medical Labs, Law, Peace Studies, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Each faculty houses a variety of specialized departments offering courses tailored for advanced studies.

Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto Postgraduate Courses

TheΒ Usmanu Danfodiyo University in SokotoΒ (UDUSOK) stands as a beacon of academic excellence in Nigeria. With a mission to mould the next generation of scholars, researchers, and professionals, the University has recently unveiled a comprehensive list of postgraduate programmes for the 2023/2024 academic session.



πŸŽ“ UDUSOK Courses Postgraduate programmes for 2023/2024
🌾 Faculty of Agri. Programmes in Soil Science, Forestry, Animal Science, etc.
πŸ“Š Management Sci. Courses in Accounting, Public Administration, Business Admin.
🌍 Social Sciences Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Economics
πŸ• Vet. Medicine Vet. Anatomy, Vet. Physiology, Vet. Microbiology, etc.
πŸ“– Arts & Islamic Arabic, Hausa Language & Literature, English, History
πŸ“š Education Adult Education, Language Education, Science Education
πŸ”¬ Faculty of Sci. Mathematics, Biochemistry, Physics, Biology, Chemistry
πŸ§ͺ Medical Labs Medical Laboratory Science specializations
βš–οΈ Faculty of Law Ph.D. Law, LL.M, MICTEL
πŸ•ŠοΈ Peace Studies Peace and Conflict, Peace and Security Studies
πŸ’Š Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry, Microbiology, Pharmaceutics

UDUSOK Postgraduate Courses

Dive into the detailed list below, broken down by faculties and departments, to discover the opportunities that await at UDUSOK.

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S.No. Faculty /Department Programmes
a. Department of Soil Science Ph.D Soil Science
M.Phil. Soil Science
MSc. Soil Science
b. Department of Forestry & Environment Ph.D Forestry
M. Phil/Ph.D Forestry
MSc. Forest Biology & Silviculture
c. Department of Animal Science Ph.D. Animal Science
M.Phil. Animal Science
MSc. Animal Science
PGD (Livestock Production & Management)
d. Department of Agricultural Economics Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
M.Phil./Ph.D Agricultural Economics
MSc. Agricultural Economics,
Postgraduate Diploma (Agric. Econs & Extension)
e. Department of Crop Science Ph.D. Crop Science (Agronomy)
Ph.D. Crop Science (Plant Breeding)
Ph.D. Crop Science (Entomology)
M. Phil Crop Science
f. Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture Ph.D. Fisheries Management and Aquaculture
M.Phil. Fisheries Management and Aquaculture
MSc. Fisheries and Aqua. Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture
g. Department of Agric. Ext. & Rural Development Ph.D. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
M.Phil. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
MSc. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
a. Department of Accounting Ph.D Accounting and Finance
MSc. Accounting and Finance
b. Department of Public Administration Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA)
Ph.D. Public Administration
M.Sc. Public Administration
M.Phil./Ph.D. Public Administration
M.Sc. Management Studies
c. Department of Business Administration Executive Masters Business Administration (Part-Time)(EMBA)
Postgraduate Diploma Management (PGDM)
a. Department of Sociology Ph.D. Sociology, M.Phil./Ph.D. Sociology, MSc. Sociology,
Ph.D Sociology
M.Phil./Ph.D Sociology of Education
M.Phil./Ph.D Sociology
MSc. Sociology
Master of Social Policy (MSP)
b. Department of Political Science Ph.D. Political Science
M.Phil. Political Science
MSc. Political Science
Master of International Affairs & Diplomacy (MIAD)
Master of Governance and Public Policy (MGPP)
c. Department of Geography M.Phil. Geography
MSc. Geography
Ph.D Geography
d. Department of Economics Master of Banking and Finance (MBF),Ph.D. Economics
Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance (PGDBF)
a. Department of Vet. Anatomy Ph.D. Vet. Anatomy, MSc. Vet. Anatomy
b. Department of Vet. Physiology & Biochemistry MSc. Vet. Physiology
c. Department of Vet. Pharmacology & Toxicology Ph.D. Vet. Pharmacology, MSc. Vet. Pharmacology
d. Department of Vet. Medicine Ph.D. Vet. Medicine, MVM Vet. Medicine
e. Department of Vet. Pathology Ph.D. Vet. Pathology, MSc. Vet. Pathology
f. Department of Theriogenology & Animal Production Ph.D. Theriogenology, MSc. Theriogenology, MSc. Animal Production,
M.Phil./Ph.D Theriogenology, Ph.D. Animal Production, M.Phil./Ph.D Animal Production,
PGD Animal Health, PGD Animal Health and Production
g. Department of Surgery & Radiology Ph.D. Vet. Surgery, Masters Vet. Surgery
h. Department of Vet. Pub. Health & Preventive Medicine Ph.D. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Ph.D. Veterinary Public Health,
MVPH Veterinary Public Health, MPVM Preventive Veterinary Medicine,
MSc. Veterinary Epidemology
i. Department of Vet. Microbiology Ph.D. Vet. Microbiology, MSc. Vet. Microbiology
j. Department of Vet. Parasitology Ph.D. Veterinary Parasitology, M.Phil. Veterinary Parasitology,
MSc. Vet. Parasitology
a. Department of Arabic Ph.D. Arabic, M.A. Arabic
b. Department of Nigerian Languages Ph. D Hausa Language,
Ph.D Hausa Literature
Ph.D Hausa Culture
M.A. Hausa Literature
M.A. Hausa Culture
M.A. Hausa Language
c. Department of Modern European Language & Linguistics. Ph.D. English Language, Ph.D. Literature in English, Ph.D. Linguistics, M.Phil. English Language, M.Phil. Literature in English, M.Phil. Linguistics, M.Phil. French, M.A. English Language, M.A. Literature in English,M.A. French, M.A. Linguistics.
d. Department of History Ph.D. History
M.Phil./Ph.D History
M.A. History
Masters in International Studies
PGD Migration and Refugee Studies
PGD in Africa and Development Studies
e. Deaprtment of Islamic Studies Ph.D. Islamic Studies, M.Phil./Ph.D Islamic Studies, M.A. Islamic Studies
a. Department of Adult Education & Extension Ph.D. Primary Education, Ph.D. Adult Education, M.Phil./Ph.D Primary Education, M.Phil./Ph.D Adult Education, M.Ed. Adult Education, M.Ed. Primary Education
b. Department of Curriculum & Educational Technology. Ph.D. Language Education, M.Phil./Ph.D Language Education, M.Ed. Educational Technology, Ph.D. Curriculum Studies, M.Ed. Curriculum Studies, M.Ed. Language Education
c. Department of Science & Vocational Education Ph.D. Science Education, Ph.D. Maths Education, M.Phil./Ph.D Science Education
M.Ed. Science Education, M.Ed. Maths Education.
d. Department of Educational Foundation Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Ph.D. Sociology of Education, Ph.D. Philosophy of Education, Ph.D. Guidance & Counseling,
Ph.D Admin. & Planning, M.Phil./Ph.D Admin. & Planning,M.Phil./Ph.D Philosophy of Education, M. Ed Educational Psychology, M. Ed Sociology of Education, M. Ed Philosophy of Education, M. Ed Guidance & Counseling, Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
a. Department of Mathemmatics Ph.D. Mathematics, Ph.D. Statistics, MSc. Statistics, Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics (PGDS),MSc. Mathematics
Ph.D. Computer Science, M. Phil / Ph.D. Computer Science, M. Phil. Computer Science.
MSc. Computer Science, Master Information Technology (MIT), Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDS).
b. Department of Biochemistry Ph.D. Biochemistry, M.Phil. Biochemistry, MSc. Biochemistry, PGD Biochemistry.
c. Department of Physics Ph.D. Physics, M.Phil./Ph.D. Physics, MSc. Physics
d. Department of Biological Sciences Ph.D. Botany, M.Phil. Botany, MSc. Botany, Ph.D. Biology, M.Phil. Biology,
MSc. Biology, Ph.D. Zoology, MSc. Zoology, Postgraduate Diploma in Biological Sciences (PGDBS)
e. Department of Microbiology MSc. Microbiology, Ph.D Microbiology, M.Phil./Ph.D Micriobiology
f. Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry Ph.D. Petroleum Chemistry, Ph.D. Renewable Energy, Ph.D. Pure Chemistry,
Ph.D. Applied Chemistry, M.Phil. Petroleum Chemistry, M.Phil. Renewable Energy
MSc. Pure Chemistry, MSc. Applied Chemistry, MSc. Petroleum Chemistry, MSc. Renewable Energy.
8. FACULTY OF MEDICAL LAB SCIENCE Ph.D. Medical Laboratory Science
M.Phil./Ph.D. Medical Laboratory Science
MSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Hispathology)
MSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Immunology)
MSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Microbiology)
MSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Chem. Patho.)
MSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Haematology)
c. Department of Physiology Ph.D. Physiology, MSc. Physiology, M.Phil./Ph.D Physiology
a. Department of Anatomy Ph.D. Anatomy, MSc. Anatomy
10. FACULTY OF CLINICAL SCIENCES Master of Public Health (MPH)
b. Dept. of Pharm & Thera Ph.D. Pharmacology, M. Phil Pharmacology, M.Sc. Pharmacology
b. Dept. of Chemical Pathology M.Sc. Chemical. Pathology
M.Phil./Ph.d Law
Master of Information and Communication Techology Law (MICTEL)
13. CENTRE FOR PEACE STUDIES (in collaboration with Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences) M.Sc. Peace and Conflict Studies
Master of Peace and Security Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Peace and Security Studies (PGDPS)
M.Phil./Ph.D. Peace and Security Studies
14. FACULTY OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES M.Sc. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
M.Phil. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Microbiology
M.Phil./Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Microbiology
M.Sc. Pharmaceutics
M.Phil./Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
M.Sc. Pharmacology and Toxicology
M.Phil./Ph.D. Pharmacology and Toxicology
Ph.D. Pharmacology and Toxicology

Given the extensive array of courses available across multiple disciplines, prospective students are assured of a programme that not only aligns with their academic aspirations but also ensures an enriching learning experience. UDUSOK remains committed to fostering innovation, research, and professional development.

For more information on admission procedures, application deadlines, and other relevant details, interested candidates are advised to visit the official UDUSOK website or contact the university’s postgraduate school directly.

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