Tips for a Durable Washing Machine In 2023

Caring for a washing machine does sound tricky. Like other electronic items, washing machines must be maintained regularly if they are to last and last a long time. But you don’t need to worry, you can follow these tips to take care of your washing machine at home!

How to care for a washing machine that can be done at home is actually very simple. Even though it’s simple, never underestimate how to care for a washing machine.

If you take good care of the washing machine, it is guaranteed that it will last a long time and never crash. So, let’s take a look at the tips on caring for the washing machine that the Team has summarized below.

Tips for Caring for a Washing Machine at Home.

1. How to put a washing machine

Follow the proper way to store a washing machine, because the durability of this washing machine does not only depend on how it is used, but also on the place where you put the washing machine.

The wrong place will not only worsen the quality of the washing machine.

Even worse, the wrong placement of the washing machine can actually damage your washing machine quickly, you know!

So how do you store a good washing machine? Make sure you don’t place the washing machine in a damp place because it will accelerate the damage to the washing machine. Humid places cause the body of the washing machine to rust quickly and then become porous. 

This happens if the body of the washing machine is made of zinc or iron. Of course this does not apply to the plastic body. It is better if the washing machine is placed in a dry place to avoid damage to the machine body.

A place or floor surface that is too slanted also greatly affects the durability of the washing machine. Because if the position is tilted to one side, the load will be one-sided, making the rotation of the washer tube unstable. And makes the springs or per balance quickly damaged, which results in the washing machine being noisy, aka clogged.

In several types of washing machines, a sensor balance system has been implemented, to determine the level of inclination of the washing machine. If it is too tilted the washing machine will not work, and will display an error code on the washing machine display.

So placing the washing machine on a flat floor surface also has a big effect on the durability of the washing machine.

How to place a washing machine as described above, you can apply to the placement of a Twin Tube type washing machine (2 tubes), Top Load and Front Load washing machines.

2. Don’t put too much clothes in

Maybe because of your rush, you unknowingly put too many clothes in your washing machine.

In fact, habits like this can be fatal and cannot make a washing machine durable and long lasting, you know.

In addition to the performance of the washing machine not being optimal, the dirt from your clothes will be hampered so that the clothes cannot be washed properly. Always pay attention to the maximum capacity of your washing machine so you don’t wash excess clothes than the capacity of your washing machine!

3. Do not store clothes for too long

Another bad habit that can damage the quality of the washing machine is the habit of keeping clothes in the washing machine for too long. Keeping wet or dry clothes in the washing machine for too long can actually cause an unpleasant odor. Of course, the smell from the washing machine can spread to the clothes, so you need to re-wash your clothes.

4. Set the washing machine settings according to the type of clothing

Most modern washing machines have specific settings for each type of clothing.

Of course, the arrangements for washing clothes made of rough materials such as jeans are different from those for clothes made of cotton.

For this reason, proper arrangements are needed for each type of clothing to be washed.

In addition to keeping the quality of the clothes well maintained, setting the washing machine according to the clothes being washed can keep the washing machine durable and long lasting.

5. Check clothes before washing.

Check the clothes you want to wash. Check your trouser or shirt pockets before putting them in the machine. Who knows there are coins, paper money or even coins. 
If these items are washed, it can cause a blockage of the drains. Often our technicians encounter things like this when servicing or repairing washing machines.

6. The next tip is to clean the washing machine tube.

The method is quite easy. After finishing washing, simply fill the washing machine with enough water then set it to cleaning mode or clean tube mode.

After cleaning the washing machine tub, then proceed with cleaning the washing machine filter. The washing machine filter is the nesting place for all the dirt from the clothes being washed. So cleaning the washing machine filter is as important as cleaning the tub.

For better results, you can clean the washing machine’s tubes and filters every two weeks.

Dirt such as moss, scale, and other settling stains will be removed in this way.

7. Unplug the washing machine after use.

Generally, people will always leave the washing machine plug connected to electricity. In fact, this habit can also be bad for the washing machine, you know.

When there is a power outage, electronic devices often become unstable due to unstable electrical voltages.

Therefore, it can cause short circuits and electronic devices to be easily damaged.

To avoid bad possibilities that can occur, it would be better if the washing machine’s power plug is unplugged after each use.

Or if you can add a stabilizer tool. This tool can be used as a safety when the voltage is unstable.

8 Cleaning the Digital Display

Vital parts of washing machines such as control panels and PCB modules are parts that must be avoided from water, detergent or soap suds.

Make sure that the vital parts of the washing machine are always clean from water or detergent. If it is exposed to water or detergent, clean it with a dry cloth as soon as possible.

Protecting vital parts of the washing machine can prevent damage or shorting to the washing machine.

9. Do not Force Off the Washing Machine Timer

Each washing machine is equipped with an automatic timer to turn off the machine.

Usually in old school 2 tube washing machines, the timer is in the form of a knob that can be rotated clockwise.

Meanwhile, in a washing machine with 1 top loading tube or front tube, the timer provided is automatic.

Never stop a timer that is still working at will. Let the washing machine work according to the time that has been set.

If the timer is always forcibly turned off, you can be sure that the system will be easily damaged. You can also have difficulties later if you want to wash in automatic mode.

10. How to care for a washing machine 1 tube

This type of 1 tube washing machine is generally equipped with features and systems that are completely automatic.

Besides carrying out the maintenance above, don’t forget to always open the cover of the washing machine after using it.

This turned out to be very useful for completely stopping the automatic washing machine.

Generally, when finished washing, people forget to turn off the power button and the washing machine is in the standby position.

When the cover is lifted, this can be a reminder for the user to check the condition of the washing machine after use.

Imagine, if the washing machine is on standby, not only will electricity be wasted, but the machine will continue to work and heat up quickly.

11. How to care for a 2 tube washing machine

Apart from the 8 tips above, there are other things that need to be considered in caring for a 1 tube washing machine.

This is checking for objects thrown from clothes into the spin tube and body.

Coins, buttons, paper, lumps of thread, and other small objects are commonly found between these sections, you know!

So that the tube rotation can work properly and the motor doesn’t burn, don’t ignore this.

It’s a shame if the 1 tube washing machine that you have is damaged due to a small negligence like this.

12. How to care for a top loading washing machine

A top loading washing machine is a type of 1 tube washing machine whose door is above.

The entire washing machine setting system is also at the top.

As best as possible, avoid these buttons being exposed to water, liquid perfumes or detergents, or other dangerous objects.

When finished using, cover the top loading washing machine using cardboard or a dry thick cloth.

Those were our tips on using and caring for a washing machine so that it lasts. Hope this is useful for you.

If you experience difficulties in terms of maintenance or want to repair a washing machine, please contact the nearest washing machine repair service provider.

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