Taiwo Bankole Scholarship 2023 For Nigerian Youths


Are you a young, ambitious individual from Ajegunle, Lagos, longing for the opportunity to transform your future? What if there was a chance to pursue your dreams in STEM or Law without the weight of financial burden? The Taiwo Bankole Prize 2023 could be the answer to unlocking your aspirations.

The Taiwo Bankole Prize

The Taiwo Bankole Prize, established in memory of Taiwo Bankole Ogunyemi, stands as a prestigious accolade designed to provide much-needed financial assistance to two deserving individuals—specifically one male and one female—from economically disadvantaged backgrounds residing in Ajegunle. The objective of this remarkable initiative is to afford them the opportunity to pursue tertiary-level education in fields within Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), or Law. The prize reflects Mr. Ogunyemi’s lifelong commitment to the transformative power of education and his enduring mission to bring about societal change through empowering young lives.

🎯 Aim To support two young people from low-income families in Ajegunle, Lagos in acquiring a university education in STEM or Law annually.
🎓 Eligibility Age Between 17 and 25 years of age.
💼 Fields Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), or Law.
🏠 Residency Must be a resident of Ajegunle, Lagos.
📚 Academic Req. Admission into a public university in Nigeria.
📂 Documents SSCE certificate, JAMB result, Admission Letter, Identification Card.
💌 Recommendation Two letters; one from a secondary school authority, another from an Ajegunle community stakeholder.
🕒 Deadline September 30, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria: Who Can Apply?

If you aspire to take advantage of this unique educational opportunity, you must satisfy certain conditions. These eligibility requirements have been put in place to ensure that the award reaches individuals who stand to gain the most from it:

  1. Age Limit: Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 25.
  2. Economic Status: Only candidates from low-income families are eligible to apply.
  3. Course of Study: You must have successfully obtained admission to a public university in Nigeria to study a course under the aegis of STEM or Law.
  4. Residential Qualification: It is imperative that you are a resident of Ajegunle, Lagos.

The Application Process: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Required Documentation for Application

During the application process, you will be necessitated to provide various forms of documentation to substantiate your credentials and eligibility for the Taiwo Bankole Prize. The list of documents you must upload includes:

  1. SSCE Certificate: This is an essential document that validates your secondary school education.
  2. JAMB Result: A record of your performance in the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination.
  3. Admission Letter: An official confirmation letter from the public university where you have secured admission.
  4. Identification Card: Acceptable forms of ID comprise the National Identification Number (NIN), International Passport, Voters Card, or Drivers License.

Letters of Recommendation

Additionally, two letters of recommendation are requisite to fortify your application. The individuals endorsing you must consist of at least one person who has had a pedagogical or supervisory role during your secondary school education—such as a teacher or principal. The second recommender must be a stakeholder within the Ajegunle community who can vouch for your character.

For additional insights and information, kindly navigate to the official Taiwo Bankole Prize website.

Application Deadline

The final date for the submission of applications is slated for 30th September 2023. Seize this opportunity to unlock a brighter future in STEM or Law.

Take that bold step today to foster a transformative educational journey, all thanks to the enduring legacy of Taiwo Bankole Ogunyemi. Make your mark in the fields of STEM or Law and contribute to bettering society for generations to come.

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