Study And Work In Singapore – All You Need To Know

The beautiful little country of Singapore is one attractive place to study abroad, having an outstanding uniqueness of its own. The Southeast Asia country tops among the cities with high standards and quality of living. This is no surprise as it is also among the top economic centers of the world. With the country steering, investing, and contributing to education on a large scale the attraction for more students, especially foreign students.

The tertiary education system in Singapore is known to be world-class and well-equipped with the latest technology-driven gadgets to boost the studying of students in the institutions. As stated earlier and for facts Singapore is one of the world’s most expensive places to live in. But without getting too scared you should know that there are a lot of student discounts. Some eateries could offer to shove a few dollars off your total bill while some may offer discounts like 20% off so students are given some privileges.

Cost Of Living And Studying In Singapore

To live in this little exotic country, you need to know that living costs may be higher than expected. It can also be a little bit lower but whatever the case may be. To live in Singapore you need to know some rough estimates of tuition accommodation and even transportation, especially for a foreign student, to have a good financial budget and preparation.

Tuition like every university is dependent on your course or chosen field of study. You could do a quick research on estimates varying in the various universities in the country. It would help narrow down a dining choice after all. For example at the National University of Singapore, tuition fees vary from social sciences to medicine or business. Approximately having an estimate of SG$17,550 to about almost SG$63,750 respectively.


Accommodation is another aspect that should be looked into with utmost interest. It’s also really a choice for you, would you rather stay on campus or on campus? Staying on campus would be a choice between shared rooms or single rooms. The prices are around SG$2,000 to SG$4,500 per semester. Also, this would have a huge impact on your budget and finances but you should know that for sure accommodation fees are likely assessed and adjusted sometimes. While in off-campus housing you could opt for a lot of variety depending on your pocket. Monthly rent for a three-bedroom condo could cost between SG$3,200 to SG$4,000. You could with an option share the cost with a few friends to lighten the burden.

If you are looking for more economy-friendly accommodation, a viable option would be subsidized public housing. For Singaporeans, it would cost, depending on the location between SG$500 to about SG$800. You should consult housing portals for insights on housing estimation and don’t forget that you have the power to negotiate.

Transportation should be carefully considered. But with experienced advice, sticking with public transport, that is, I.e. subway rail systems and buses is quite the best and pocket-friendly option.


If your food plan is eating out then you should consider Hawker centers as earlier suggested above. They are quite economy friendly to everybody and student benefits a lot from this. There are also other restaurants or coffee shops with student discounts that allow you to have a decent meal. There are a lot of places you could be for your entertainment that would not stress your wallet. Additionally, you should check out nature for a walk, birds, and mountains. In the surrounding and much more simple nature free form of entertainment.

Necessary Steps To Work And Study In Singapore

Many Singaporean companies hire students as interns or for the reason of a temporal assignment. But with some criteria to be fulfilled first. However you should consult research on the market conditions for students working before applying at all, like the age limit to work, remuneration, industries opened to students’ employment, and legislation guiding employment. Here are some of the regulations guiding the work permit of foreign students.

  1. During the semester foreign students are not allowed to work even when on vacation except there is clearance for exemption. This exemption can only be permitted if the international students hold a valid pass.
  2. An internship in Singapore entails holding a legal training employment pass. However, it is only applicable to students required to go through training as part of their course of study.
  3. To qualify for this training pass; you should earn a fixed remuneration of more than SG$ 2,500 monthly or hold an acceptable tertiary qualification or professional certification.
  4. The work permit is usually fulfilled, and granted to foreign students as most merit the criteria. Although the work permit only allows a student to be attached to an organization for a period of up to 6 months only.
  5. The organization usually also sponsors the training employment pass and work permit which is done on behalf of the student who applied to the Ministry of Manpower. You should always do appropriate research on your institution of choice and company to check for the correct protocol involved.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying In Singapore As A Foreign Student

Studying in Singapore as an international student creates an avenue for you as a student to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad and obtaining a good certificate at an affordable cost. Singapore is a country whose higher educational system is gradually growing in all areas and as such places the country on the list of good study-abroad destinations. Here, below are outlined reasons why you may consider studying in Singapore for your degree.

1. Safe Country

Singapore is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world which accommodates foreigners and students from other countries. The country has a low crime rate and rare cases of abuse or racism. Therefore this makes the country’s universities and study areas safe and conducive for study by international students. The locals are also very warm and welcome towards people.

2. Good And Affordable Institutions

Singapore’s institutions are said to be top-notch with excellent educational systems and infrastructures. These are all tailored to meet the needs of students. Some of the Singaporean universities are ranked among the top world universities. It has also produced top professionals and world-class citizens around the world. The institutions are also said to be very affordable when compared to other study destinations abroad.

3. Excellent Weather Conditions

Singapore is known to experience very good weather conditions all year round. International students can easily adapt to different weather as they study. The country experiences summer for most of the year and a little rainy season towards the later part of the year. These excellent weather conditions allow students to enjoy more outdoor activities both on campus and outside the institution

4. Job Opportunity

Many organizations in Singapore accept foreigners to come and work after completing their studies. The country is said to be a hub of global economic activity and has created a vast array of job opportunities every year accommodating graduates in any field of study.

5. English Speaking Country

The English language is recognized as one of the languages spoken in the country. It is used mostly as a means of communication and teaching the country’s institutions. This puts Singapore on the visible path of study abroad options for international students who are from English-speaking countries as there is no language barrier for their stay and study in the country.

Singapore Work Visa Requirement

To work and study while in Singapore as an international student, you need to obtain a work permit before presenting other requirements that may be requested. The requirements for a general work visa permit are quite straight to the point and clear enough for any intending international student. Some of the requirements are as follows;

  1. Applicants must be 18 years and above which is the legal minimum age permitted to work in the country.
  2. Applicants must work only within the scope of employment applied for which is stated in the work permit offered by Singaporean authorities.
  3. Applicants must have a valid international passport to gain the work visa

Also, there are a few laws one must abide by to not get thrown out of the country. One of which also controls emotional attachment with foreigners, one with a work permit is not allowed by law to get married to a citizen except if they have taken due process in line with the manpower ministry. Also changing the location of residence stated on the work permit is prohibited as well, no matter if it’s a permanent or temporary job.

Lastly as earlier stated, the fact that this country has a high standard of living should not discourage you, because there are discounts for students generally and with that, you could get to enjoy the best of your time in Singapore while you study and work.

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