St. Gerard’s Catholic Hospital Basic Midwifery Admission List 2023


Embarking on a career in midwifery? How might one discern if they’ve made the cut at St. Gerard’s Catholic Hospital’s esteemed programme? Exciting news awaits the successful candidates for the September 2023 intake.

St. Gerard's Catholic Hospital Basic Midwifery Admission List

In the prestigious College of Nursing Sciences at St. Gerard’s Catholic Hospital in Kaduna, anticipation has been building for the revelation of successful candidates who will commence their journey into the world of midwifery. Today, that wait comes to a gratifying conclusion.

🏥 Institution College of Nursing Sciences, St. Gerard’s Catholic Hospital, Kaduna
🗓️ Intake Month September 2023
📜 List Details List of successful candidates
📍 Accessibility Notice board within school premises
🎓 Admission For BASIC MIDWIFERY TRAINING programme
📣 Announcement Management has published the list
🎉 Congrats To all the candidates that made it!

A Momentous Milestone

The management team of the College of Nursing Sciences has officially released the roster of triumphant candidates who have been admitted to the Basic Midwifery Training programme set to commence this September 2023.

Where Can You Find the Admission List?

Eager to find out if you’ve been selected? The Basic Midwifery admission list has been thoughtfully displayed on the notice board located within the school’s grounds. Prospective students and their families are warmly invited to visit the school premises to verify their admission status.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Being admitted into the Basic Midwifery Training programme at St. Gerard’s Catholic Hospital is not merely an educational milestone; it signifies the beginning of a noble journey. As midwives, these students will be entrusted with the sacred duty of assisting and supporting mothers during one of the most profound moments of their lives – childbirth.

For those who have secured a spot on this list, it represents the first step in a path filled with dedication, compassion, and unyielding commitment. A journey that intertwines the science of healthcare with the art of human connection.

To All Successful Candidates

A heartfelt congratulations! Your hard work and diligence have led you to this pivotal moment in your academic and professional journey. The entire community of the College of Nursing Sciences at St. Gerard’s Catholic Hospital, Kaduna looks forward to welcoming you and fostering an environment where you can thrive, learn, and contribute significantly to the noble field of midwifery.

Remember, as you step into the school and glance at that list, you’re not just looking at names. You’re gazing upon the future vanguards of maternal and infant health.

For any further queries or information, don’t hesitate to reach out to the institution directly or keep an eye on official communication channels. Embrace this opportunity and make the most of it!

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