SSCOE NCE/Pre-NCE Admission Form 2023/2024


What makes Shehu Shagari College of Education (SSCOE) in Sokoto an institution to consider for one’s educational journey? For the 2023/2024 academic session, SSCOE opens its doors to qualified candidates interested in a multitude of NCE/Pre-NCE programmes across various schools.

Shehu Shagari College of Education (SSCOE) Admission Form

The Shehu Shagari College of Education (SSCOE), Sokoto, officially invites online applications for the 2023/2024 academic session. This communication serves to inform the general populace that the College is accepting applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into an array of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programmes.

πŸ“š Programme Admission into various NCE programmes
πŸ“… Academic Year 2023/2024
🎨 Arts & SOS Courses in Arabic, Social Studies, Islamic Studies, History, and more
πŸ”¬ Sciences Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and more
πŸŽ’ Voc & Tech Agricultural Science, Business Education, Home Economics, etc.
🚸 Early Childhood FECCE D/M, Primary Education
πŸ“š Preliminary Studies Pre-NCE Sciences, Art and SOS, Languages, Vocational and Technical Education
πŸ“ž Inquiries Contact numbers provided for further questions

Available Courses Across Different Schools

School of Arts and Social Sciences (SOS)

The courses in the School of Arts and Social Sciences cover a wide range of subjects, from Arabic Medium to Social Studies variants, and Islamic Studies in multiple combinations. Available programmes include:

  1. Arabic Medium
  2. Social Studies/Economics
  3. Social Studies/Geography
  4. Social Studies/Hausa
  5. Islamic Studies/Social Studies (SOS)
  6. Islamic Studies/Hausa
  7. Islamic Studies/English
  8. Islamic Studies/Arabic
  9. Islamic Studies/Geography
  10. Islamic Studies/Economics
  11. Islamic Studies/History
  12. History/Social Studies
  13. History/Economics
  14. History/Geography
  15. Social Studies D/M
  16. History/Fulfulde
  17. Fulfulde/Social Studies
  18. Islamic Studies/Fulfulde
  19. Economics/Geography
  20. History/English
  21. History/Hausa
  22. Fulfulde/History
  23. Fulfulde/Primary Education

School of Vocational and Technical Education (VOC & TECH)

  1. Agricultural Science D/M
  2. Business Education D/M
  3. Home Economics D/M
  4. Technical Education D/M 2-P
  5. Fine and Applied Art D/M

School of Early Childhood Care and Primary Education

  1. FECCE D/M
  2. Primary Education

School of Sciences

Here, the focus is on pure sciences and their intersection with other fields:

  1. Biology/Physics
  2. Chemistry/Biology
  3. Chemistry/Physics
  4. Chemistry/Mathematics & Computer/Biology
  5. Computer/Chemistry
  6. Computer/Mathematics
  7. Computer/Physics
  8. Integrated Science D/M
  9. Integrated Science/Biology
  10. Integrated Science/Chemistry
  11. Integrated Science/Computer
  12. Integrated Science/Mathematics
  13. Integrated Science/Physics
  14. Mathematics/Biology
  15. Mathematics/Physics
  16. PHED/M
  17. Integrated Science/Geography
  18. Mathematics/Geography
  19. Mathematics/Economics
  20. Computer/Geography
  21. Chemistry/Geography
  22. Physics/Geography
  23. Biology/Geography

School of Preliminary Studies

  1. Pre-NCE Sciences Combination
  2. Pre-NCE Art and Social Studies (SOS) Combination
  3. Pre-NCE Languages Combination
  4. Pre-NCE Vocational and Technical Education Combination

Registration and Application Procedure

Interested candidates should log in to the College’s official website for the registration process and fill out the application form: SSCOE NCE Application Portal atΒ

For Further Inquiries

Should you have additional questions, you may contact the following numbers: 08066447855, 07065928683.

Embarking on an educational career is a monumental step. With diverse programmes on offer at SSCOE, aspiring teachers have an exceptional opportunity to acquire the qualifications needed to make a significant impact in the educational sector.

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