Spring Up College Of Health Tech School Fees 2023/2024


Considering joining the esteemed Spring Up College Of Health Science And Technology in Ondo State? Eager to learn about the associated fees for the 2023/2024 academic session? What sets apart the fees for Ondo State indigenes and non-indigenes? The comprehensive fee schedule below provides the answers to these vital questions.

Education is an investment, and understanding the cost implications is crucial for any aspiring student. If you’re contemplating enrolling in the Spring Up College Of Health Science And Technology, Ondo State (SCHTO) for the 2023/2024 academic year, getting a clear view of the fee structure is essential.

🎓 Institution Spring Up College Of Health Science And Technology, Ondo State (SCHTO)
📅 Session 2023/2024 academic session
💵 Tuition (Ondo Indigence) ₦45,000.00k
💵 Tuition (Non-Indigence) ₦50,000.00k
📚 Other Fees Various (e.g., Filing: ₦5,000.00k, Exam Fee: ₦15,000.00k)
🚑 Medical Fee ₦3,000.00k
🖥️ ICT ₦7,500.00k
🛍️ Entrepreneurship ₦10,000.00k
🎟️ Acceptance (Ondo) ₦15,000.00k
🎟️ Acceptance (Non-Ondo) ₦20,000.00k

What’s the Official Announcement on SCHTO’s School Fees?

The management of Spring Up College Of Health Science And Technology has officially confirmed the school fee structure for the 2023-2024 academic year, especially for fresh students. Below is a comprehensive breakdown:

Spring Up College Of Health Science And Technology Ondo State (SCHTO) School Fees Schedule

How Does the Tuition Fee Compare?

For students, tuition is the most significant part of the educational cost. SCHTO has set the tuition fees based on the student’s indigence status:

  • For Ondo State Indigence: ₦45,000.00k
  • For Non-Indigence: ₦50,000.00k

Are There Other Associated Fees?

Absolutely. Beyond tuition, various services and amenities come with associated fees. Here’s a detailed look:

Description Amount
Filing ₦5,000.00k
Screening Fee ₦500.00k
Library Fee ₦5,000.00k
Departmental Fee ₦2,500.00k
Development Levy ₦3,000.00k
ICT ₦7,500.00k
ID Card ₦4,000.00k
Result Verification ₦1,500.00k – ₦3,000.00k
Exam Fee ₦15,000.00k
Medical Fee ₦3,000.00k
Entrepreneurship Training ₦10,000.00k

Any Additional Charges to be Aware of?

Yes, there are some other charges that students, especially freshers, need to factor in. These vary based on the student’s indigence:

Description Ondo State Indigence Non-Indigence
Acceptance Fee ₦15,000.00k ₦20,000.00k
Medical Registration ₦5,000.00k ₦7,000.00k
Admission Charge ₦5,000.00k ₦5,000.00k

In conclusion, investing in one’s education at the Spring Up College Of Health Science And Technology is about more than just tuition. Understanding the detailed breakdown ensures there are no surprises down the line. Whether you’re an Ondo State indigene or from elsewhere, knowing these figures will guide your financial planning for the academic year. Best of luck to all prospective students!

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