SLU Cut Off Marks For 2023/2024 Admission Exercise


What does it take to secure a seat at Sule Lamido University (SLU), a state-owned public university in Nigeria? With its recently released cut-off marks for the 2023/2024 academic session, aspiring students can now have a clearer roadmap for their academic ambitions at SLU.

Sule Lamido University (SLU) Cut-Off Mark

Sule Lamido University (SLU) is a reputable, state-owned institution of higher learning, prominently located in Kafin Hausa, Jigawa State, Nigeria. The University gained its accreditation from the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) on the 17th of July, 2013. It holds the distinction of being the 39th state-owned university, and it occupies the 129th position in the overarching Nigerian University System (NUS).

🏫 Institution Sule Lamido University, a state-owned public university in Kafin Hausa, Jigawa State, Nigeria.
🗓 Year The cut-off marks apply for the 2023/2024 academic session.
🎯 Cut-off Minimum cut-off mark is 140.
🧪 Sciences B.Sc. courses include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and more.
📚 Humanities B.A. courses in languages and social sciences like Arabic, English, History, etc.
💻 Computing B.Sc. in fields like Computer Science, Cyber Security, Information Technology, etc.
🌿 Agriculture Includes courses like B. Agriculture in various specialisations like Animal Science.
📈 Management Courses such as B.Sc. in Accounting, Business Management, and Economics are offered.

SLU Cut-Off Marks: The Minimum Requirement for Consideration

The Baseline Cut-Off for Admission

The University administration has officially declared that the minimum cut-off mark for admission into SLU is 140. This represents the lowest Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) score that an applicant must attain to be considered for admission.

Cut-Off Marks Per Faculty and Programme: The Detailed Breakdown

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

  1. B. Agriculture: 150
    • Animal Science: 150
    • Crop Science: 150
    • Soil Science: 150

Faculty of Computing and Information Technology

  1. B.Sc. Computer Science: 170
    • Cyber Security: 160
    • Information Technology: 160
    • Software Engineering: 160

Faculty of Education

  1. B.A. (Ed.) Arabic: 150
    • English: 170
    • Hausa: 160
    • History: 140
    • Islamic Studies: 160
    • Library and Information Science: 160
    • B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology: 170
    • Chemistry: 160
    • Computer Science: 150
    • Mathematics: 140
    • Physics: 140

Faculty of Humanities

  1. B.A. Arabic: 170
    • English: 160
    • Hausa: 160
    • History: 150
    • Islamic Studies: 170

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

  1. B.Sc. Biology: 170
    • Chemistry: 160
    • Mathematics: 140
    • Physics: 140

Faculty of Social and Management Sciences

  1. B.Sc. Accounting: 160
    • Business Management: 160
    • Economics: 170
    • Geography: 160
    • Political Science: 160
    • Sociology: 160

By providing prospective students with this comprehensive guide on the requisite UTME cut-off marks for each academic programme within its faculties, Sule Lamido University facilitates a more informed and targeted application process. This crucial information serves as a reliable indicator for students who aspire to secure a position in the university’s highly competitive environment. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with these cut-off marks to gauge their likelihood of gaining admission for the 2023/2024 academic year.

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