4 Proven Side Hustles For Students in Nigeria (2023)

There are so many side hustles for students out there. This means that as a student, you can earn your own legit money all by yourself. All you need is to know about the skill. You still have the chance to learn if you have not learnt any skill before.

I know you are scared already because I talked about learning. Do not worry, the skills I will show you here need little or no learning. You can start doing them on your own. All you need is to follow the right steps.

Students can also be called scholars or learners. They are people that are enrolled in a school or other educational institutions. A student attends a secondary school or any higher institution.

In this article, I’ll walk you through some easy skills or side hustles which you can engage in to earn big even as a student.

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What Is Side Hustle?

Side Hustle or side job is an additional job that a person takes in addition to their primary job in order to supplement their income. For students, side hustle also helps to improve their sense of reasoning and attitude towards life.

Why Do Students Need Side Hustle?

It is advisable for a student to have a side hustle, that is doing a job or rendering a service to people in order to get income. Side hustle is not necessary but sometimes it is important that is why most times students are advised to get at least a skill. Here are some reasons why as a student you need a job:

  1. It helps to create confidence in students.
  2. It gives to students extra income.
  3. Growing as a young entrepreneur.
  4. Getting real world learning experience.
  5. Increasing students sense of reasoning and management.
  6. It is a way of reducing or assisting parents or guardian in terms of finance.

Different Side Hustles Available For Students

1. Online Jobs

Jobs like programming, freelancing, blogging and many others help students and provide extra cash to them. It also improves them educationally and exposes them to lots of good opportunities that help them both when they are in school and in the future.

2. Get a skill or handwork

Stuffs like hairdressing, tailoring, baking, barbing and lot more help students financially. As a students it is advisable to have at least one skill so has to be able to earn extra cash. For instance, making of hair to your fellow students and charging a very good price brings money to students and it helps you want to gain more knowledge about that particular skill or skills.

3. Graphics designing

Graphic designing is another side hustle which every student should lay hands on. Individuals, groups and companies look for places to get good designs for their businesses or events. Students can make extra cash through designing of business cards, wedding invitations and posters etc. It also helps students to meet important personnel that can help in the future.

4. Start a YouTube

YouTubing entails creating of visuals, teaching or leaking information concerning what you know well. Millions of people search YouTube each day in search of one information or the other. It is a platform where one can upload videos and get millions of viewers. Students can take advantage of the platform to earn money.

How do you start a YouTube channel? YouTube channels are free. It does not cost you any money to create one for yourself. All you need is a Gmail account to get started.

Other Side Hustles for Students Include:

  • Photography is a valuable and interesting job to do by students as it doesn’t consume time. It provides time for effective study. As a student u can earn money through this by charging people a reasonable amount for every picture you take them.
  • Brand ambassador, some companies offers opportunities to students to work as a brand ambassador. This usually entails advertising and creating awareness about a certain product and rendering services to people around the campus. Students for sure earn money through this job.
  • Tutoring is another reasonable side hustle for students, students can earn money by passing known knowledge, that is teaching subjects or topics you know very well to others and collecting money from them. It is easy and not time consuming .
  • There are lots of side hustle students can do to earn money, side hustle is very good for students because it improves them and give them knowledge of how to manage their future. Having a side hustle doesn’t mean your academic would be affected, because they give room for more knowledge. Remember, as a student u don’t online learn in d class room, you can gain knowledge from your side hustle.

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