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Imagine securing your place at university with the financial backing you need. The SHE Soars Scholarship Programme is here to make that a reality for female graduates of Nigerian public secondary schools. Are you ready to soar in fields from Medicine to Mechatronics with a N200,000 annual scholarship? Discover how to apply and what makes you eligible for this transformative educational journey.

 SHE Soars Scholarship Programme

The Christopher Kolade Foundation’s SHE Soars Scholarship Programme emerges as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in the Nigerian educational landscape. This initiative is not just a scholarship; it’s a commitment to nurturing the minds and aspirations of young Nigerian women who have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess and who are ready to take their place in the professional world.

🎓 Programme SHE Soars Scholarship by Christopher Kolade Foundation
👩‍🎓 Eligibility Female Grads of Nigerian Public Schools
🏫 Fields of Study Medicine, Engineering, Law, etc.
💷 Scholarship Value N200,000 Annually
📘 Application Open For 2023/2024 Academic Session
📅 Apply By 13 December 2023
📧 Contact Email
📞 Contact Phone 0817 192 6712

Paving the Way for Aspiring Female Leaders

You are called to attention by an opportunity that can reshape the trajectory of your academic journey. The SHE Soars Scholarship has, since its inception in 2019, been a critical support system for female graduates from public secondary schools in Nigeria. With a vision of inclusivity and empowerment, it offers financial sponsorship coupled with a mentorship programme designed to guide you through your tertiary education in a Nigerian public university.

The Journey So Far: Transforming Lives and Communities

With a modest beginning of five scholars, SHE Soars has expanded its wings, now supporting 24 Soars Scholars across 14 universities. Your potential for excellence could be recognized with this scholarship if you exhibit not only stellar academic records but also a need for economic support. The fields of study among scholars are as diverse as the backgrounds they come from, including Medicine, Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Law, and Accounting, reflecting the multifaceted nature of female talent across the nation.

A Unique Mentorship Experience

Mentorship is more than guidance; it’s about creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the mentor and mentee. The programme prides itself on carefully curating mentor-mentee pairings, ensuring that you, as a scholar, will receive mentorship from industry leaders in fields relevant to your studies.

The SHE Soars Scholarship’s Comprehensive Support

Each scholar receives an annual stipend of N200,000, aimed at covering tuition fees, essential academic materials, and a monthly living allowance. This sponsorship is not fleeting but a sustained investment throughout your university tenure, typically ranging from 4 to 6 years.

Who Can Soar with SHE?

Are you a female graduate from a Nigerian public secondary school with a proven admission into a Nigerian public tertiary institution? Then you are the ideal candidate for the SHE Soars Scholarship. This programme is tailored for individuals like you, who are poised to pursue higher education and make an indelible mark in your chosen field.

How to Embark on Your SHE Soars Journey

The gates to your future are wide open as the application process for the 2023/2024 academic session is currently underway. Seize this moment to apply by visiting SHE Soars Scholarship Programme Application Page. With the deadline on December 13, 2023, there is no time to delay.

Learn More

For a comprehensive understanding of the SHE Soars Scholarship, please visit the official SHE Soars webpage. It is an invaluable resource that provides detailed information about the programme and its impact on female education in Nigeria.

Get in Touch

Should queries arise, reach out directly via:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0817 192 6712

Embark on this transformative educational voyage with the SHE Soars Scholarship Programme and join the ranks of Nigerian women who are not only soaring academically but also evolving into leaders who will shape the future.

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