Sahara Group Global Talent Program 2023

In an era where global conglomerates are the pacesetters, how does Sahara Group maintain its leadership position across Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia? With 30 years of breaking barriers, Sahara Group presents its Global Talent Program 2023, a prestigious initiative for young minds with a cosmopolitan outlook. What does this program offer, and how can it shape the future trajectories of its participants in the world of energy and infrastructure?

Sahara Global Talent Program

For over three decades, the Sahara Group has emerged as a foremost international energy and infrastructure conglomerate, marking its presence in a staggering 38 countries, spread across the vast terrains of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. With an enduring commitment to innovation and challenging conventional norms, Sahara Group has consistently etched its name on the global business canvas. Its greatest strength? The passionate men and women who are the driving forces behind its phenomenal growth trajectory.

Currently, an exciting window of opportunity has been opened for prospective talents. Sahara Group is welcoming applications for its esteemed:

Sahara Group Global Talent Program 2023

Delving Deeper: What is the Sahara Global Talent Program?

The Sahara Global Talent Program is more than just an initiative; it is a vision to groom unparalleled young talents possessing a truly global perspective. The intent is clear:

  • Offer the selected candidates a profound understanding of Sahara’s intricate Global Trade Operations.
  • Equip them with both technical prowess and foundational skills, empowering them to be at the forefront of Sahara’s forthcoming global milestones.

Moreover, this program is the ultimate launchpad for these young dynamos, offering them:

  • Extensive exposure to the pivotal realm of midstream oil and gas undertakings.
  • Holistic training modules, both at local and international echelons.
  • Transformative mentorship sessions with industry stalwarts.

In essence, the Sahara Group envisions this program as the crucible for moulding the vanguard of leadership – individuals who will sculpt the future contours of Sahara’s global business endeavours.

Eligibility Criteria: Do You Fit the Mould?

For those considering this golden chance, here are the stipulated requirements:

  • Possess a University Degree. Candidates with backgrounds in Law, Accounting, Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, and related scientific domains will be given preference.
  • While a bachelor’s degree is essential, having a Master’s Degree undeniably gives candidates an edge.
  • Age is a consideration. Prospective applicants should be 26 years or younger come December 2023.
  • Professional exposure should not exceed two years.

Application Modalities

The closing date for applications remains unspecified as of now.

How to Take the Leap? Aspiring and eligible candidates are encouraged to Click here to apply online for Sahara Group Global Talent Program.

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