Reasons to learn something new everyday

It is a popular belief that when a person stops learning, he or she dies. Knowledge is gold, gold is of great value. These are the reasons to learn something new everyday.

As a person, make sure that no day passes without learning a new thing or deepening knowledge in any area. It is a way of expanding your knowledge, broadening your perspective, and enhancing your personal and professional development.

learn new things everyday

Learning something new every day is a great way to keep your brain sharp as you age. It can “improve your concentration, memory, problem solving skills, and can also reduce the chance of developing dementia.

Reasons to learn something new everyday?

  • It helps you to be consistent. 

Learning new things makes you to remain consistent and relevant in your field of endeavour. Because you know what the latest and accepted trend is, you’ll always be at the top as people will always look up to you seeing that you are up to date.

  • It raises your profile and increases your visibility

As you display knowledge, people will see you as someone they can recommend to fill a gap in an area you have shown that you are knowledgeable.

  • You’ll have a feeling of accomplishment

As you boost your knowledge bank, you’ll have confidence knowing that you can never be found lacking when it comes to a particular subject matter. You’ll also be ready to take on any challenge because you will have the capacity to do so.

  • It makes you a leader 

Having knowledge and skill makes you an authority in any field. It makes people look up to you. It also makes you a giant in that field, making people to automatically see you as a mentor.

  • It increases your earnings

To have knowledge is to have more money.. People are willing to pay to learn what they do not know. If you know how to monetize your knowledge, it will be a pool of funds for you.

  • It improves your mental health

Your mind will be constantly tasked as you put it to use while learning. This improves your mental health because renewing your mind keeps it fresh and free from toxic thoughts that usually cloud a dormant mind.

  • It makes you better at making decisions

Learning new things changes your perception and helps you make better decisions. Making informed decisions saves you from walking on the wrong path in situations.

Learning is important for students, success and generally in life. Even if you may not want to pay to learn something. You have the internet where you can learn something for free everyday.

Ways to learn new things

  1. Be a reader. Always be curious to read every time. You can pick up information from books, magazines and journals.
  2. Register for a class or an online course.
  3. Teach others what you know. It helps you to understand it better.
  4. Have a mentor that you can speak to or listen to every time. Their words dish out dozes of knowledge.

Some tools for learning daily

Consider these websites and tools as resources for learning everyday.

  1. Udemy – This site offers free courses in various skills aimed at improving people’s capacity.
  2. Coursera – This helps you start, switch, or advance your career with more than 5,400 courses, Professional Certificates, and degrees from world-class universities and companies.
  3. Duolingo – You can learn over 30 languages on this site very easily.
  4. YouTube – This has video content on virtually every area of life. No matter what you need to learn , there’s a video for you.
  5. Anki – This tool that will help you remember what you learn and retain information with more precision and for a longer time. Anki adapts to your current level and adjusts your learning accordingly. For example, if you’re learning a new language, and you go through a set of flashcards, it registers the answers you know, and you won’t get those question cards again for two weeks. Those that you don’t know at all will appear again tomorrow. The aim is to help you learn and retain knowledge through repetitive questioning.
  6. Linkedin – Linkedin has a wide range of free courses to help you develop the right skills for your career and business.
  7. Podcasts – Several podcast apps have audio discussions to listen to on many areas of life. Some of these include: Anchor, Spotify, Resonate, SoundCloud, Podbean among many others. Some recommended educational podcasts hosts are  TEDTalks and Entrepreneurs on fire.

Now you know the reasons to learn something new everyday. I hope you will build the habit of doing so or improve on it if you have already began the journey.

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