Queen Elizabeth Scholarship 2023 For West African Scholars


Are you a West African woman at the cusp of transforming your academic career? What would access to world-class resources and mentorship mean for your research? Dive into this comprehensive guide to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship 2023-2024, tailored for early-career women scholars from West Africa, and find out why this award is a game-changer for your future in academia.

Queen Elizabeth Scholarship for Advanced Scholars from West Africa (QES-AS-WA)

In an era where advancing one’s academic career can be fraught with systemic and logistical challenges, especially for early-career women scholars, significant opportunities can indeed be few and far between. It is therefore with considerable enthusiasm that one notes the applications are now open for the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship 2023-2024 for Early-career Women Scholars from West Africa. This extraordinary programme, also charmingly named Wurin ta na yin rubutu – Her Own Room to Write, offers a unique research acceleration experience.

🌍 Scope West African women in late PhD, postdoc, early-career stages
📅 Duration April-October 2024, subject to visa
🏫 Award Short-term (35-60 days), mid-term (61-180 days)
🎯 Eligibility Women, PhD registration at West African university
🛠️ Resources Carleton library, workshops, joint projects
🌐 Research Six focus areas including Climate, Governance, Health
⏰ Deadline 20 September 2023
🔗 Apply Carleton University online application

Programme Details and Duration

Set to run from April to October 2024, participation in this scholarship is contingent upon successful visa acquisition by the awardees. Flexibility is key; scholars are provided with an option to choose between two award lengths. These can either be short-term awards ranging from 35-60 days or mid-term awards lasting 61-180 days. Applicants must note that their registration for their PhD must be through a West African university, and postdoctoral or early-career scholars should currently be employed at an institution within the region.

Resource Access and Skill Augmentation

Amongst the numerous perks of the programme, the scholars will be granted unparalleled access to Carleton University’s comprehensive library resources. Furthermore, the programme goes beyond mere academic stipends and enables scholars to engage in specialized workshops. These workshops focus on refining a multitude of research-related skills, from writing and publishing to data analysis and grant applications.

Research Domains

The selected candidates will contribute to research that aligns with one or more of the following priority areas:

  • Climate-Resilient Food Systems
  • Education and Science
  • Ethics in Development Research
  • Global Health
  • Democratic and Inclusive Governance
  • Sustainable Inclusive Economies

Financial Provisions

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship provides for a holistic range of expenses, covering not just mobility and accommodation, but also research placement expenditures, along with travel and health insurance.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must belong to one of three defining categories:

  1. Doctoral Researcher: At the dissertation stage of their PhD.
  2. Post-doctoral Researcher: Engaged in post-PhD research.
  3. Early Career Researcher: Holders of a PhD with a minimum of 4-6 years of research experience.

Citizenship Requirements: The applicants must be from one of the listed West African countries, which includes, but is not limited to, Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal.

Application Requirements and Responsibilities

Upon completion of the research period, scholars are obligated to disseminate the acquired knowledge within their home institutions and communities. They are expected to write a Scholar Narrative Report and join the QES-AS network through Universities Canada. Fluency in English or French is mandatory, and there are occasional opportunities for mentorship in French.

How to Apply

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, September 20, 2023. Applications can be submitted through Carleton’s Application Portal.

For more information, please visit the official Queen Elizabeth Scholarship webpage.

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship represents an unrivalled avenue for early-career women scholars in West Africa to bolster their academic journey and contribute significantly to various fields of research. Indeed, it is a gateway to a future replete with possibilities.

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