Petroleum Training Institute, PTI Registration & Clearance Procedure for 2019/2020 Newly Admitted Students

This is to inform all the newly admitted students of the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurun, that the management of the institution has released their acceptance fee payment, school fees payment, PTI registration and clearance procedures for the 2019/2020 academic session.

PTI New Students Registration Schedule and Requirements.

The following outlines the PTI Registration and Clearance Procedures for all Newly Admitted Students

12 Industrial Safety TechnologyScience Lab. Technology 14th – 15th October, 2019
34 Petroleum and Natural Gas Processing EngineeringWelding and Fabrication Engineering 16th – 17th October, 2019
5 Petroleum Engineering 18th October, 2019
67 Electrical/Electronic EngineeringComputer Science and Information Technology 21st – 22nd October, 2019
89 Mechanical EngineeringMineral and Petroleum Resources Engineering 23rd – 24th October, 2019
10 Petroleum Marketing and Business Studies 25th October, 2019
11 All ND and HND Programmes (Late registration with a find of N10,000.00 per candidate) 28th  October – 1st November, 2019


  • All candidates must comply with their registration dates as shown in the registration schedule above
  • Registration will last for two (2) working weeks (14th – 25th October, 2019, while late registration will last for one (1) working week (28th October – 1st  November, 2019) with a find of N10,000.00 per candidate.
  • Any candidate who fails to register on or before 1st November, 2019 will forfeit his/her admission offer.
  • This first batch admission offer becomes invalid after 1st November, 2019

All 2019/2020 admitted students are required to come for registration with the following items during the period stated below;

  1. Print-out of PTI provisional offer of admission letter (for all candidates)- Do this on your PTI portal
  2. Print-out of JAMB admission letter (for ND candidates only) – Do this on JAMB portal
  3. Print-out of Jamb score slip (for ND candidates only)
  4. PTI acceptance fee receipt (for all candidates)
  5. School fees receipt (for all candidates)
  6. O’level original certificate/result (for all candidates)
  7. Original ND certificate/result and transcript (for HND candidates only)
  8. Medical report/fitness and X-ray report (for all candidates)
  9. Birth certificate or declaration of age (original)
  10. L.G.A of origin certificate (original)
  11. Registration form print-out
  12. Eight(8) recent colored passport with red background
  13. Three (3) official files

PTI New Students Registration Procedure.

    1. On the Admission Menu, click on Check Admission Status 
    2. Enter your Username and Password ( ie Your application login credentials)
    3. On your portal dashboard, click on Check Admission Status
    4. If your online admission is updated, you will see a CONGRATULATIONS message and a link to print ACCEPTANCE FORM, click on it to generate RRR code for payment
      NOTE: If you are admitted and you are not getting CONGRATULATIONS message on your portal or Your Login credential is invalid, then visit the Institute’s ICT centre for assistance or Call ICT Support Desk : 08126971127 or mail :
    5. Take the RRR code printout to any bank for payment. At this point you can download the schedule of charges on your dashboard
    6. Return to the website and repeat step 1, 2 and 3 to print the ACCEPTANCE FORM.
      NOTE: if after payment, the system still tells you to generate RRR code, then you have to Requery the RRR code ( The steps to do so is also available on this website) or Visit the Institute’s ICT centre for assistance or Call ICT Support Desk : 08126971127 or mail :
    RECOMMENDED: PTI School Fees Schedule 2019/2020

    1. On the Students Menu, Click on Student Login
    2. Enter your application login credentials – Username and Password
    3. This will take you to a page to generate RRR Code for payment of school fees
    4. Take the RRR code to any bank for payment
    5. Return to the website and repeat steps 1 & 2
    6. The system will automatically generate a Matriculation Number for you according to your department/programme of choice which will be printed on your form
    7. The system will allow you access to your online students dashboard
    8. You can now print the following seven (7) documents from your dashboard.
      • REGISTRATION FORM – Admission’s Office 
      • CLEARANCE FORM –  Admission’s Office
      • ADMISSION LETTER – Admission’s Office
      • CLINIC FORM – Students Affairs
      • PERSONAL DATA FORM – Students Affairs
      • UNDERTAKEN FORM – Students Affairs
      • HOSTEL ALLOCATION FORM – Students Affairs
      • Course Registration Form
        All seven (7) forms are automatically filled with data inherited from the application modules and the Matriculation Number that was assigned by the portal on payment of school fees.
    9. Take all printout forms to the admission office for further administrative check and documentations
    1. Once Steps A and B are completed, students can now return to the website and Click on Students Logins under Students Menu.
    2. Enter the Matriculation Number you obtained in STEP B as your Matriculation Number or application form number ( either one works and your application password. 
    3. On your dashboard, click on Course Registration, register your courses and Print the course form without online approval required
    4. All courses on your dashboard are compulsory without any option of electives. There are no more requirement for online approval before printout of course forms
    5. Old/Returning students are to add courses they have as carryover into the list of compulsory courses before printing the course form
      Note: Old/Returning Students are to observe only steps C after payment of school fees
      Warning: All codes for the above payments are to be initiated from our website –  only.
    Payment for hostel bed space is optional and allocation is made only to students that have received the authority for allocation and have completed the payment.

    1. Visit the hall administrators for allocation authorization
    2. Visit
    3. Click on Pay A Federal Government Agency 
    4. Under Name of MDAs, type PTI and choose Petroleum Training Institute.
    5. Name of Service/Purpose, choose HOSTEL FEES.
    6. Description, type: Hostel Allocation.
    7. Amount, type: N25,000.
    8. Enter your full name, phone number and email address.
    9. Enter the security code and click Proceed to Payment.
    10. Copy the RRR code and take it to any bank for payment.
    11. Return to the campus with your teller to obtain receipt from the accounts department
    12. Take the receipt back the hall administrators for payment verification
    13. Within 12hrs after step 12, login in to your portal to print the Hostel Allocation form which will now show your hostel bed space allocation.

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That will be all for the PTI Registration and Clearance Procedures for all Newly Admitted Students


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