How To Pass IJMB Easily In 2023 – The Ultimate Guide

IJMB stands for Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination, a nine-month advanced-level program that allows students to gain direct entry admission into 200-level Nigerian universities. The program is moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and has many accredited study centers across the country.

IJMB is a great alternative for students who want to avoid the stress and uncertainty of UTME (JAMB) or who have not performed well in UTME. IJMB is also recognized by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC) and the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) as a valid A’level program.

How To Pass IJMB Easily

Passing IJMB is not a walk in the park. It requires hard work, dedication, and proper preparation. Here are some tips on how to pass IJMB easily and secure your admission into your desired university and course.

Choose Your Subjects Wisely

IJMB consists of three subjects that are related to your intended course of study. You will also take a general course called General Studies (GS) which covers English, Mathematics, and Current Affairs.

You should choose your subjects based on your passion, ability, and career goals. Do not choose subjects that are too difficult for you or that you have no interest in. You should also check the IJMB subject combination for your chosen course and university to avoid any disappointment later.

Study Hard and Smart

IJMB is not a program for lazy students. You have to study hard and smart to pass the exams. You should attend all your lectures, do your assignments, take notes, revise regularly, and practice past questions.

You should also join a study group with other serious students and seek help from your teachers when you have any difficulties. You should also have a personal study timetable that suits your learning style and pace.

Use Quality Materials

One of the keys to passing IJMB easily is to use quality materials for your studies. You should get the recommended textbooks for your subjects and read them thoroughly.

You should also get the IJMB syllabus and follow it closely. You should also download and print out the IJMB past questions and use them to test yourself and familiarize yourself with the exam format. You can also use online resources such as videos, podcasts, blogs, and websites to supplement your learning.

Prepare Well For The Exam

The final tip on how to pass IJMB easily is to prepare well for the exam. You should know the date, time, and venue of your exam and plan accordingly.

You should also know the rules and regulations of the exam and abide by them. You should avoid any form of malpractice or misconduct that could jeopardize your chances of passing. You should also eat well, sleep well and pray well before the exam.

In conclusion,IJMB is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to pursue their higher education in Nigeria without going through UTME (JAMB). If you follow these tips on how to pass IJMB easily, you will be on your way to achieving your academic dreams.

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