How To Check OSPOHAS Entrance Examination Results 2023


What if the anticipation for your academic future could be resolved with a simple login? The Ogun State Polytechnic of Health and Allied Sciences (OSPOHAS) has unsealed the results of its entrance examination for the 2023/2024 academic session, revealing the fates of aspiring Community Health Extension Workers, Medical Laboratory Technicians, and Pharmacy Technicians.

OSPOHAS Entrance Examination Result

The governing body of the Ogun State Polytechnic of Health and Allied Sciences (OSPOHAS), situated in Ilese-Ijebu, has formally disclosed the examination outcomes for candidates who have partaken in the recently conducted entrance examination. This assessment was aimed at three main programmes: Community Health Extension Worker, Medical Laboratory Technician, and Pharmacy Technician.

🏫 Institution Ogun State Polytechnic of Health and Allied Sciences (OSPOHAS)
📌 Location Ilese- Ijebu, Ogun State
📊 Exam Result Released for 2023/2024 academic session
🎓 Programmes Community Health Extension Worker, Medical Laboratory Technician, Pharmacy Technician
🌐 Portal Accessible for candidates to check results
🔑 Login Use credentials to login
💰 Fee N50,000 acceptance fee required
📅 Deadline Pay fee on or before 8th September 2023

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Access OSCOHTECH Entrance Examination Results

To retrieve the scores of the OSCOHTECH entrance test, candidates are advised to navigate to the dedicated College admissions portal. The specific URL for this portal is

Logging In to the Admissions Portal

Upon reaching the portal, candidates must use their registered credentials to log in. It is by using these login details that access to individual OSCOHTECH entrance exam results will be granted.

Obligations for Successful Candidates: Acceptance Fee Payment Details

Candidates who have successfully passed the entrance examination should take prompt action regarding their admission offer. They are strongly encouraged to remit an acceptance fee of Fifty Thousand Naira Only (N50,000) by no later than Friday, the 8th of September, 2023.

Consequences of Failing to Meet Acceptance Fee Deadline

Failure to execute the payment of the acceptance fee within the outlined timeframe will likely culminate in the loss of the admission opportunity offered by Ogun State Polytechnic of Health and Allied Sciences.

By following this guide diligently, prospective students of the aforementioned programmes will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to progress to the next stage of their academic journey at OSPOHAS. Congratulations to all successful candidates, and remember, the future of health and allied sciences begins with you!

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