Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Reassessment of School Fees


How significant is it when a university heeds the call of its student body to alleviate financial burdens? Does it not prompt a deeper look into the newly restructured fee schedule of Obafemi Awolowo University? In a recent breakthrough, the students’ persistent appeal has led to a remarkable reduction in the sundry charges. But how does this alteration impact students across different faculties, and what are the detailed implications?

 Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Reassessment of School Fees

In a noteworthy instance of administrative benevolence, the governing body of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), situated in Ile-Ife, has judiciously revised the miscellaneous fees due from its student population. This commendable decision ensued post a comprehensive dialogue between the University’s executive management and the representatives of the Student Union on the 25th of September, 2023.

Fee Revision 🔄 Sundry charges reviewed downward 📉
Student Union 🗣️ Advocated for 50% reduction in charges 📢
Humanities 💬 New: ₦131,000; Returning: ₦76,000 📚
Sci/Tech 🖥️ New: ₦141,000; Returning: ₦86,000 🧪
Pharmacy/Health 🩺 New: ₦164,000; Returning: ₦109,000 💊
Payment Options 💵 Can be in two equal installments 💳
Portal Access 🌐 Now open to students for payment 🖱️
Management’s Stand 🏛️ New charges are the minimum required 🤝

Striving for Compromise: A Prolonged Dialogue

The protracted discussion was an initiative of the University’s administration in response to the numerous appeals and demonstrations led by the Student Union, advocating for a substantial reduction in the preliminary fees sanctioned by the University. The leadership of the Student Union steadfastly insisted on a 50% reduction in the approved charges. However, the University’s management staunchly clarified that the revised charges are the fundamental minimum essential for maintaining operational efficiency within the institution.

Announcement of Revised Charges

With an understanding and considerate approach, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Adebayo Simeon Bamire, cordially proclaimed a structured reduction in the previously declared charges. The revisions are detailed as follows:

  • Humanities Students:
    • Returning students will now remit ₦76,000, a decrease from the initial ₦89,200.
    • Fresh students will pay ₦131,000, revised from the initial ₦151,200.
  • Sciences and Technology Students:
    • The revised fee for returning students is ₦86,000, down from ₦101,200.
    • New enrollees will now contribute ₦141,000, a reduction from the previous ₦163,200.
  • Pharmacy and College of Health Sciences Students:
    • Returning scholars in these faculties will remit ₦109,000, instead of the initial ₦128,200.
    • Newly admitted students are obliged to pay ₦164,000, a decrease from the former ₦190,000.

Facilitation of Payment: Structured Approach

Acknowledging the diverse financial capacities of the students, the University’s management has also accorded the flexibility of remitting the payments in two equal segments. Consequently, to facilitate a smooth transaction, the University’s portal has been activated and is now accessible for students to commence their payments.

Conclusion: A Move Towards Educational Accessibility

This generous gesture by the management of Obafemi Awolowo University underscores a commitment to making education more accessible and easing the financial burden on students. It’s a pivotal move that resonates with the aspirations and needs of the student community, ensuring an unhindered academic pursuit within the prestigious walls of the University.

By cultivating an environment of understanding and mutual respect between the administrative bodies and the student representatives, OAU has set a commendable standard in addressing and resolving student concerns effectively. This laudable initiative is bound to reinforce the harmonious coexistence between the University’s management and its vibrant student body, fostering an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence and holistic development.

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