OAU Announces 47th Convocation Dates – Get Ready For The Celebration!

The Obafemi Awolowo University is set to dazzle alumni and guests with its 47th Convocation Ceremony – an event symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. But what does this mean for campus movement, and how will it affect you? With vehicular access restrictions, it’s essential to stay informed. Continue reading to find out how to navigate these special days with ease.

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) 47th Convocation Ceremony

The Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, is poised to mark a significant milestone with the upcoming 47th Convocation Ceremony. As one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria, OAU is set to honour the academic achievements of its students in a grand ceremony spanning several days.

University πŸ›οΈ Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)
Event πŸŽ‰ 47th Convocation Ceremony
Dates πŸ—“οΈ 6th – 9th December 2023
Movement πŸš— Vehicular Access Restricted
Staff Access πŸ†” University Car Sticker Required
Entry Fee πŸ’· #500 for Non-Sticker Vehicles
Notice πŸ“’ Campus Accessibility Changes

OAU’s 47th Convocation: A Landmark Celebration

The festivities are scheduled to commence on Wednesday, 6th December, and conclude on Saturday, 9th December 2023. This convocation is not just a ceremonial rite; it is a testament to the hard work, resilience, and academic prowess that the students have demonstrated throughout their journey at OAU.

Important Notice on Campus Access

Limited Vehicular Access: To ensure a smooth and orderly ceremony, OAU has announced that there will be restricted vehicular movement within the campus during the convocation period. Only vehicles with the official University car sticker will be permitted free passage.

Access Fee for Non-sticker Vehicles: For staff members without the official University car sticker, a nominal fee of five hundred Naira (#500) will be required to access the campus. This measure is in place to regulate traffic and enhance security during the high-profile event.


The 47th Convocation of Obafemi Awolowo University is a hallmark event, celebrating the culmination of academic dedication. It promises to be a memorable occasion for graduates, faculty, and the entire university community. If you are planning to attend, please be mindful of the access guidelines and make arrangements accordingly. Here’s to celebrating excellence at OAU!

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