List of NYSC Camp Requirements 2020 | Essential Things You Need for NYSC Camp

Going for your NYSC and heeding to the Clarion Call is basically the next step for every fresh university graduate. Before going to camp, there are specific NYSC Camp requirements and things you need for NYSC Camp like white shorts, white t-shirts, converse kicks, buckets, green striped stockings, bed sheet and pillows among others.

The basic thing that actually comes to mind is the thought of the necessary preparations you must make as a future corper and possible things you need for NYSC Camp. I mean, your NYSC Camp requirements.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you don’t prepare, you will have lost a lot and spent a whole lot if money unnecessarily. In the NYSC camp, you will see people who will sell 1 envelope up to 100naira. The funny thing is that you have no option but to buy. This is because you cannot find it elsewhere and you can’t leave the camp.

Another epic scenario is the moment an important document is mentioned and your heart begins to beat ‘kpikimkpokpo’. You realize you forgot them at home.

So, in order for you not to be caught off guard, I have made a checklist of all things you need for NYSC camp as a future corpershun. The best thing for any prospective Nigerian corper is to get all he/she needs just before camp begins.

I will break them down into 3 Checklists, namely:

  1. Requirements for Registration
  2. Things you need for NYSC camp daily living and things not allowed in nysc camp
  3. Supplementary Items (NYSC camping checklist)
  4. How to prepare for NYSC orientation camp
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This is the most important document of your registration process and that is why it tops the list. You may be wondering if it is actually possible to forget your call up letter, but my dear it is. This letter identifies you as a prospecting corper. So, ensure you make necessary photocopies of it.

LIFE SAVING HINTS 1Please oooo! Do NOT laminate your call-up letter. Never do that, unless you want to be sent home. Secondly, when printing your letter, make sure the cyber cafe uses a laserjet printer because these types of printers are less susceptible to water damage. just in case of anything.


Your school ID card must be with you, as a form of identity and proof that you graduated from the school stated on your certificate.


Have your original and about 7 photocopies of your statement of result and all other certificates especially for medical graduates.


Get about 25 because you will need to do many registrations. if you don’t, get ready to pay double the price at the camp for a passport.

If you successful registered with no issues, congratulations. You will now be given a NYSC State Code Number. Put it on your ID card round your neck.

Get your NYSC Kit and Mattress and secure a room for yourself. This NYSC kit and essential things you need in NYSC Camp are:

  1. NYSC Crested Vest
  2. Khaki Trousers
  3. Cap and Jacket
  4. White T-shirts
  5. Green-stripped Stockings
  6. Orange Jungle Boots
  7. White Converse.
To work your NYSC Posting to ANY STATE IN NIGERIA, DM +2348069738127 on WhatsApp

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  1. MONEY: No much talk. You know why this is on the top of the list. Money is key!
  2. Waist Pouch: Keep your essentials and valuables close to you always. You will need this.
  3. Beverages: Take am dey follow up.
  4. Plates, Flask and Cups: that is if you want to eat camp food. But heads up! The food is usually awful but on a few occasions, it is OK. FEW!
  5. Basic Drugs: because camp clinics can be inadequately equipped.
  6. Towels
  7. Pair of Shorts: because the ones given to you in your NYSC kit will likely tear sooner than you expect.
  8. Extra Socks
  9. Plain T-shirts
  10. Mosquito Nets: This is Nigeria, I do not need to say too much. You know the little vampires that fly at night
  11. Bedsheets and Pillows
  12. Small Torchlight Phone: Electricity is usually an issue in camp. So, do not depend on your smartphones to see you through the camp period. Also, get a small torchlight phone, preferably Nokia
  13. More than one network SIM: there might be poor network coverage in your camp area. So, avoid being totally off the grid.
  14. Rechargeable Lamps and Torch: Your mobile phones may likely die at some point. You will need torchlights especially when you want to take a leak at night.
  15. Detergent
  16. Antiseptics: stay protected from germs for your own health sakes.
  17. Padlocks: In the camp, there are those who studied theft and robbery in the university. So you will need padlocks to lock up your valuables and you need to be highly vigilant.

LIFE SAVING HINT 2: Do not lose your 21 day camp kitchen ticket. If you lose it, you will have to feed yourself. If you do not intend using it, give it to someone it might help.

To work your NYSC Posting to ANY STATE IN NIGERIA, DM +2348069738127 on WhatsApp


Get all these to avoid unnecessary begging.

  1. Pen & Paper
  2. Sweets & Gum
  3. Clear Bag: That rugged rubber envelope that comes in different colours. It is water-resistant.
  4. Also, there are specific best hair styles for NYSC Camp

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LIFE-SAVING HINT 3: Whatever you do, no find soldier man wahala o.

In conclusion, try as much to enjoy your period in Camp because it is a once in a lifetime experience.

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