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Seeking a significant career milestone in African leadership development? Ever considered how the Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s Leadership Fellowship Programme for 2024 is reshaping the future of Africa by nurturing the continent’s next top leaders? Dive into this comprehensive guide and unearth the golden opportunity that awaits.

Mo Ibrahim Foundation Leadership Fellowship - African Development Bank (AfDB)

Established in 2006, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation is a cornerstone institution in Africa, primarily focusing on improving governance and leadership across the continent. The Foundation orchestrates its mission through a multi-pronged approach:

  1. Stimulating Debates on Governance: They initiate meaningful conversations on governance to promote awareness and education.
  2. Establishing Benchmarks: They provide clear and comprehensive criteria for both citizens and governments to measure progress in governance.
  3. Recognizing Excellence: They award and celebrate achievements in African leadership, thereby creating constructive pathways for leaders even after they have exited official capacities.
  4. Fostering New Leadership: Through targeted initiatives, they support the rise of promising leaders for Africa.
Programme 🎓 Mo Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship, an initiative by Mo Ibrahim Foundation.
Aim 🎯 To foster good governance and leadership in Africa.
Placement 🏢 Fellow to work at the African Development Bank’s headquarters or other operational locations.
Duration ⏳ One year, fully funded by the Foundation.
Responsibilities 📋 Strategic assignments to bolster professional and leadership skills.
Eligibility 👤 African nationals, minimum of a Master’s Degree, relevant work experience.
Focus Areas 🌍 Aligned with the Bank’s High 5 areas like powering Africa, and improving quality of life.
Application Deadline ⏰ 20th October, 2023.

Partnership with the African Development Bank: An Intersection of Mission and Vision

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, commonly referred to as “the Foundation,” has collaborated with the African Development Bank (the ‘Bank’) to finance the Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship position. The appointed Fellow will carry out their responsibilities either at the Bank’s headquarters in Abidjan, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, or in any other location where the Bank operates.

Programme Overview: A Unique Blend of Experience and Capacity-Building

The Mo Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship Programme is designed as a competitive and selective scheme to groom exceptional young African leaders. The Fellowship focuses on providing unique work opportunities at senior levels in renowned African institutions or multilateral organisations. Its core aim is to uplift the socio-economic landscape of Africa.

Participants are enabled to boost their professional and leadership capacities, with the goal of subsequently contributing to the governance and development of their home countries. They are provided the opportunity to work with the Bank for a period not exceeding twelve months, with all associated costs financed by the Foundation.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: Gearing Up for Leadership

The Fellow will receive leadership insights and directions from key figures within the Bank, including the President, the Senior Vice President, the Chief of Staff and Director of Cabinet, or other designated representatives. Based on this guidance, they will engage in the following:

Strategic Assignments and Policy Making

  • Design and implement strategies to address various issues vital to the Bank’s objectives.
  • Research and analyze existing and emerging strategies, programs, and policy areas relevant to the Bank.

Monitoring and Analysis

  • Keep track of Bank Group initiatives and contribute to monitoring and impact analysis.

High-Level Engagements

  • Participate in top-tier discussions and assist in the planning and execution of the President’s meetings and missions.

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Execute any other responsibilities as directed by senior staff in the President’s office.

Selection Criteria: Seeking the Best Fit for the Initiative

The 2024 Fellow will ideally align with the Bank’s High 5 strategic focus areas: lighting up and powering Africa, feeding Africa, industrializing Africa, integrating Africa, and improving the quality of life for Africans. Moreover, the Fellow must meet several stringent qualifications, ranging from top-tier professional experience and policy analytical skills to excellent communication abilities and proven leadership qualities. For the full list of requirements and to apply online, click here.

Application Timeline and Method: Don’t Miss the Deadline!

The application closing date is slated for 20th October, 2023. For a detailed understanding of the Fellowship, you can visit the official Mo Ibrahim Foundation website.

Important Note

The Fellowship position is not a regular employment opportunity at the African Development Bank. The contractual obligation for this specific assignment spans one year and is non-renewable. Funding for the position is exclusively provided by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

In case of any technical difficulties during the application process, applicants are advised to contact HR Direct at HRDirect@AFDB.ORG.

With its multidimensional focus on governance and leadership development, the Mo Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship is more than just an internship; it is a chance to change the narrative of African governance and leadership. Thus, it offers a transformative career development path for young professionals, mid-career experts, and new executives who aim to impact Africa positively.

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