MICOHEST Matriculation Ceremony 2023: Date, Time, and Venue Announced!

The momentous matriculation ceremony at Misau College of Health Science and Technology (MICOHEST) is just around the corner! If you’ve recently secured your place for the 2023/2024 academic year, it’s time to celebrate your new beginnings. Join us as we lay out all the details you need for the upcoming matriculation ceremony – from the date and time to the collection of academic gowns. Don’t miss out on this pivotal event!

Misau College of Health Science and Technology (MICOHEST) Matriculation Ceremony

As an important event in the academic calendar, the Misau College of Health Science and Technology (MICOHEST) Matriculation Ceremony is a significant milestone for newly admitted students. The 2023/2024 matriculation ceremony is not just a formal event; it marks the beginning of an academic journey for many aspiring health professionals. This comprehensive guide aims to provide all the necessary details regarding the event, ensuring that students and the general public are well-informed and can fully participate in this momentous occasion.

📅 Matriculation Saturday, 25th November, 2023
⏰ Time 10:00 a.m.
📍 Venue MICOHEST Permanent Site, Misau
🎓 Gown Collection Friday, 24th November, 2023
📍 Collection Point Student Affairs Office
🎉 Event Day Celebrating New Students
📚 Academic Year 2023/2024
📢 Note For Matriculating Students

Key Details of the Event

Date and Time

The ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, 25th November 2023, commencing at 10.00 a.m. This timing has been chosen to accommodate the schedules of all involved, ensuring maximum attendance and participation.


The chosen venue for this auspicious event is the permanent site of Misau College of Health Science and Technology, located on Azare Road, Misau. The venue has been selected for its capacity and facilities to host the large number of students, staff, and guests expected to attend.

Collection of Academic Gowns

An important aspect of the matriculation ceremony is the donning of academic gowns by the matriculating students. To this end, it is imperative that all matriculating students collect their academic gowns from the Student Affairs Office on Friday, 24th November 2023. This ensures that all students are appropriately attired for the ceremony, reflecting the solemnity and significance of the event.

Importance of the Matriculation Ceremony

A Milestone for New Students

The matriculation ceremony is more than just a formal event; it represents the official induction of new students into the college community. It’s a time for students to commit themselves to their studies and the ethos of MICOHEST, setting the stage for their future success in the field of health science and technology.

A Community Event

While primarily focused on the students, the matriculation ceremony is also a community event. It offers an opportunity for the general public, especially the families and friends of the students, to engage with the college and show support for the new cohort of aspiring health professionals.


The Misau College of Health Science and Technology (MICOHEST) Matriculation Ceremony for the 2023/2024 academic session is a pivotal event for new students and the college community at large. By detailing the date, time, venue, and gown collection process, this guide ensures that all participants are well-prepared to make the most of this significant occasion. The event not only marks the beginning of a new academic journey but also reinforces the college’s commitment to excellence in health science and technology education.

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