Next Generation Resource Governance Leaders Program 2023


  • The NextGen Resource Governance Leaders Program 2023 offers a three-month internship to train young Africans in governance, leadership, and digital skills. Participants benefit from training, stipends, accommodation, and more, focusing on innovation and ethical leadership.

Next Generation Resource Governance Leaders Program

The future of pan-African leadership is here, and it’s brimming with potential. The Next Generation Resource Governance Leaders Program 2023 has opened its doors, searching for the next brilliant minds who will redefine the governance landscape in Africa. This is not merely an internship; it is a three-month journey of discovery, innovation, and transformation.



🌍 Program Aim Train pan-African leaders in governance, multi-disciplinary development & skills.
🧠 Responsibilities Policy analysis, media engagement, programme planning, resource mobilisation.
🎓 Eligibility Young Africans with relevant qualifications, writing, analytical & leadership skills.
💼 Application Motivational Statement, CV/Resume, Recommendation Letter, test & interview.
🎁 Benefits Training, coaching, stipend, lunch, accommodation, return ticket (if international).
🕒 Duration Three-month internship.
🏠 Location Ghana.

About the Programme

The Next Generation Resource Governance Leaders Program is much more than a theoretical exercise; it is designed to marry theory with real-world application. It aims to prepare its participants with the intellectual nourishment, hands-on skills, and innovative research abilities required to tackle complex governance challenges across Africa.

The programme’s heartbeat lies in its intention to forge a sustainable path towards good governance by cultivating young pan-African leaders. This is achieved through a carefully crafted capacity development process that includes training on:

  • Transformational Leadership Development
  • Professional and Career Advancement
  • Digital Communication and Technology Skills



Essentially, the interns will receive comprehensive training in resource governance and gain access to vital tools and guidance that will enable them to set and achieve both personal and professional goals, all within an environment that promotes ethical leadership.

Responsibilities of NextGen Leaders

As a NextGen Leader, the role is multifaceted and engages different aspects of energy and extractive policy within Africa. The responsibilities include:

  • Research Contribution: Writing quality reports and policy briefs on Africa’s energy and extractives sector.
  • Media Engagement: Supporting ACEP’s position on related issues through various media channels.
  • Programme Planning: Contributing to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of annual programmes.
  • Organisational Support: Assisting in the development and resource mobilisation efforts, including grants and proposal writing.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Supporting programme management and evaluation activities.

Benefits of Joining

Being a part of the NextGen Leaders Program is rewarding in numerous ways:

  • Professional Growth: Opportunities for training, coaching, mentorship, and peer support.
  • Creativity and Innovation: An environment that encourages novel thinking and innovation.
  • Financial Support: A generous stipend along with free lunch throughout the internship.
  • International Support: Decent accommodation and approved return tickets for international interns.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are a young African with a passion for sustainable development in the continent’s vast extractive resources sector, this opportunity might be tailored for you. The essential qualifications and skills include:

  • Relevant academic qualifications in fields such as economics, engineering, public policy, law, communications, statistics, etc.
  • Proficiency in writing with logical thought flow.
  • Knowledge of analytical tools (R, Stata, Eviews, NVivo, Atlas.ti, etc.).
  • Ability to multitask, prioritise, meet deadlines, and think creatively.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, team spirit, and leadership qualities.

How to Apply

The application process requires the following:

  • Motivational Statement: Highlighting your passion and vision.
  • CV/Resume: Detailing your academic and professional experience.
  • Recommendation Letter: From a relevant person who can vouch for your skills and potential.

There will also be an entry test and interview. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. You can apply here.

For more detailed information, visit the Next Gen Leaders official page.

The Next Generation Resource Governance Leaders Program 2023 is a gateway to a thriving career in leadership and governance. It’s a platform where you can transform your passion into impact, learning from the best in the field, and shaping the future of Africa. If you believe in a more prosperous and well-governed Africa, this is the stepping stone you’ve been waiting for. Apply today, and take the first step towards your dreams!

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