LASUED Academic Calendar For 2023/2024 Session


Every year, students eagerly anticipate the academic activities of their chosen institution. What crucial dates lie ahead for LASUED students in 2023/2024? When does one officially become part of the LASUED community? And what of the examinations that culminate the semester? Delve into this guide for clarity on LASUED’s semester timeline.

💳 Payment Online Payment for Acceptance and Medical fees: Oct 22 – Nov 10, 2023
🔄 Resumption Returning Students: Oct 22, 2023
🔍 Registration Portal opens: Midnight, Nov 17 – Dec 1, 2023. Penalty for late registration
🎙️ Lectures Begin Nov 13, 2023
🤝 Orientation University, College & Department: Jan 15 – 19, 2024
🎓 Matriculation Jan 31 – Feb 5, 2024
📝 Exams Prep Revision, CBE Registration, and Printing: Feb 19-23, 2024
✍️ Semester Exam Starts Feb 26 – Ends Mar 11, 2024. Late Registration with penalty until Mar 4, 2024

Your Guide to LASUED’s Notable Activities for the First Semester

LASUED is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and timely communication of its academic calendar. The following schedule encompasses significant activities and dates for students to keep an eye on:

Lagos State University of Education (LASUED) Academic Calendar

1. Online Payment for Acceptance and Medical Fees

  • Date: October 22 – November 10, 2023
  • Students Affected: Fresh Students

2. Welcoming Returning Students

  • Date: October 22, 2023
  • Details: Returning students are advised to resume on this date for the commencement of the academic year.
  • Students Affected: Returning Students

3. Payment & Registration Guidelines

  • Date: October 22 – November 17, 2023
  • Details: Both fresh and returning students should ensure they complete their payments for administrative charges. Following this, online course registration should be completed within three weeks, commencing from October 22nd.
  • Students Affected: Fresh and Returning Students

4. Activation of the Registration Portal

  • Date: Midnight, November 17 – December 1, 2023
  • Details: The portal will be active for a span of two weeks. Please note that a late registration charge of Ten Thousand Naira (₦10,000) applies.
  • Students Affected: Fresh and Returning Students

5. Commencement of Lectures

  • Date: November 13, 2023
  • Details: All students should be prepared to begin their academic sessions from this date.
  • Students Affected: Fresh and Returning Students

6. Students’ Orientation

  • Date: January 15 – 19, 2024
  • Details: An integral part for Fresh students, helping them acclimate to the university’s culture and expectations.
  • Students Affected: Fresh Students

7. Matriculation Ceremony

  • Date: January 31, 2024
  • Details: A significant event marking the formal admission of fresh students into the university .
  • Students Affected: Fresh and Returning Students

8. Mid-Semester CBT

  • Date: February 5-16, 2024
  • Details: Students should prepare for the Computer-Based Test which is a pivotal part of the semester’s assessment.
  • Students Affected: Fresh and Returning Students

9. Revision and Examination Preparations

  • Date: February 19-23, 2024
  • Details: A period dedicated to revisions, registering for the CBE, and printing of examination dockets.
  • Students Affected: Fresh and Returning Students

10. Late Registration Penalties

  • Date: February 26 – March 1, 2024
  • Details: A penalty fee of Ten Thousand Naira (₦10,000) is levied for students registering during this period.
  • Students Affected: Fresh and Returning Students

11. First Semester Examinations

  • Date: March 4-29, 2024
  • Details: The culmination of the academic semester where students will be assessed on their coursework.

In conclusion, both fresh and returning students at LASUED are urged to familiarize themselves with these dates and prepare adequately. This academic calendar serves as a roadmap to a successful academic journey at one of Nigeria’s top educational institutions. Stay informed and strive for excellence!

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