LASU Online Course Registration: What You Need To Know 2023


Are you a full-time undergraduate student at Lagos State University, eagerly anticipating the next steps for the 2022/2023 academic year? If so, you may be pleased to hear that the institution has officially commenced online course registration for the second semester, accompanied by a clearly laid out schedule.

LASU Online Course Registration

The administration of Lagos State University (LASU) formally announces the initiation of the online course registration process for Full-Time Undergraduates in the Second (also known as Rain) Semester of the 2022/2023 Academic Session. This process began on Monday, 4th September 2023, following approval by the Senate in accordance with the academic calendar for 2022/2023.

🗓️ Academic Year 2022/2023
🖥️ Registration Online course registration has begun
🗂️ Activities Payment of outstanding fees, course registration, course operations
📅 Dates 4th Sept. – 6th Oct. 2023, with specific activities having different end dates
💵 Fees Payment 30% and 50% outstanding balances for Stream 1 and Stream 2 respectively
✅ Completion Steps Payment, registration, course operations, printing of forms, endorsement by HOD
⏳ Grace Period Additional 2-week grace period for certain activities
❗ Important Note Endorsement of forms by the respective Heads of Departments (HODs) is required for completion

Important Dates and Activities: A Breakdown of the 2022/2023 Registration Calendar

Timelines for Essential Registration Activities

For the smooth running of the academic process, Full-Time Undergraduates are hereby notified of the key activities, their start and end dates, and additional remarks. Students are strongly advised to conform to the following schedule:

Payment of Outstanding School Fees

  • Duration: 4th September to 30th September 2023
  • Breakdown:
    • Stream 1: Payment of 30% balance.
    • Stream 2: Payment of 50% balance.
  • Note: An extra 2-week grace period has been included.

Online Course Registration

  • Duration: 4th September to 30th September 2023
  • Additional Information: An extra 2-week grace period has been included.

Course Operations (Add and Delete)

  • Duration: 2nd October to 6th October 2023

Closure of Online Course Registration Portals

  • Deadline: Midnight, 6th October 2023

Preparation of Examination Dockets

  • Duration: 9th October to 13th October 2023

Dispatch of Examination Dockets to Faculties

  • Start Date: 16th October 2023

Mandatory Steps for Full-Time Undergraduates

Checklist Based on the Registration Calendar

To ensure complete and successful registration, students are required to perform the following activities:

  1. Payment of Outstanding School Fees: This includes settling 30% and 50% of outstanding school fees for Stream 1 and Stream 2 students, respectively.
  2. Completion of Online Course Registration: All students should duly complete their course registration online.
  3. Course Operations: This involves the addition or deletion of courses as needed.
  4. Print Course Registration Form/Exam Slip: These must be printed for official records.
  5. Endorsement by the Head of Department (HOD): Both the Course Form and Examination Slip should be endorsed by the respective HODs for the registration to be deemed complete.

Note to Students

It is imperative for all students to understand that the course registration is not considered complete until both the Course Registration Form and the Examination Slip have been endorsed by the appropriate Head of Department.

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